How Technology Is Boosting The CBD Industry

The CBD industry is booming, with more people than ever using the chemical compound as a health supplement. High-quality CBD has no negative side effects but can be a powerful mood enhancer, sleep booster, pain reducer, and anxiety defeater. In order to keep up with demand, the technology industry had to pull its socks up. The desire of consumers to have healthier, more powerful, and high-quality CBD has motivated the technology business to make progress. Here’s how the world’s embrace of CBD is driving technological progress.

Increasing the Strength of the Effects

The benefits of CBD are well known and side effects are nowhere to be seen. However, many users may be disappointed that the calming and pain-reducing effects aren’t as powerful as they’d hoped. This is likely due to a lack of bioavailability, which means the bloodstream’s ability to absorb the chemical. If this can be improved, consumers will likely stick with CBD for longer.

CBD is generally ingested orally but this causes around 80% of the substance to be lost. The health benefits are there but the body can only access a fifth of them. Rather than encouraging people to take copious amounts of CBD (which would be very expensive!), technology companies are searching for ways to increase the bioavailability and therefore the intensity of the effects. One promising method is through nanotechnology. If CBD can be condensed to a tiny size then the blood should be able to absorb all of it in one hit.

Providing Better Quality Products

Wherever you are in the world, CBD is a legal gray area. Although it’s generally legal, there are many regulations due to legislators being concerned about how safe the product is. This will undoubtedly be solved through technology. Better extraction methods can help to reliably produce CBD oils without added harmful chemicals. Furthermore, technology companies are building improved tracing systems so that consumers know exactly where their CBD is sourced.

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Perfecting the Extraction Process

Many products are derived from plants but extracting the right chemical compound while removing the others can be tricky. Whether you’re a perfume producer, an essential oils seller, or a health food store owner, extraction is a key part of your business. CBD’s rising popularity is pushing the technology industry to find new ways to extract more efficiently.

The general method is to use CO2. Unlike fossil fuels, CO2 leads to a cleaner product which is cheaper and more environmentally friendly. However, there are exciting moves being made in the technology industry towards even more efficient extraction. By using ultrasonic waves, it’s possible to penetrate the hemp plant and extract pure CBD without any undesirable chemicals coming through.

Progress in technology often comes from advances in other fields. While the technology industry has long been concerned with providing stronger substances, higher quality products, and extracting chemicals, the rise of CBD certainly isn’t doing any harm. To keep CBD companies in business, any potential problems need to be overcome. It is with technological breakthroughs that this will be achieved.

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