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Sweet Holiday Season: 7 Extraordinary Desserts For Different Holidays

Holidays allow us to commemorate and celebrate significant events of the year with our families at home. It is when your folks can gather for meals and intimately converse with each other. Holidays are also opportunities for the family to embrace the kitchen tasks, especially if a pastry party is planned ahead of time.

Homemade treats are better than those we can buy in nearby bakeshops. Homemade pastries are healthier and will likely contain less preservatives or be even preservative-free. With that said, what baked treats are you serving this coming holiday season? Make those dates extra special by serving out these awesome treats below:

Peppermint Bark Bread

This type of bread appears extra festive with a powdered sugar sprinkled all over it. The dough is a typical combination of yeast, flour, sugar, and egg. All in all, the addition of butter, cocoa, and chocolate to the peppermint mixture is what makes it look and taste perfect for the holiday season.

Peppermint bark effectively treats upset stomachs and occasional migraines. At the same time, it could help you sleep soundly at night and invigorates you during the day. You need to add pieces of peppermint barks to the dough and wait until the volume expands while you preheat the oven.


For those who have a sweet tooth, panettone is a yeast bread specifically dedicated to them. During Christmas and New Year, European dining isn’t complete without this pastry on their table. Panettone is commonly filled with chocolate chips, glacé fruits, and raisins. It’s deservingly expensive if you’re planning to buy it from bakeshops. You’ll be able to save more if you bake it in your own oven.

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Christmas Star Bread

If you aim for a completely immersive holiday bread, you have to try the Christmas star bread. You’ll be lost with its look and taste. Even if it is prepared at other times of the year, you’ll probably feel the yuletide season. Because of its appearance, this type of bread is the perfect symbol for the merrymaking season.

A soft dough is the base of this bread. Layering and rolling could be a bit tricky, but you’ll get used to it if you repeatedly execute the steps.  You can enhance this treat’s appeal if you soften brown sugar. You can do it by placing the hardened brown sugar in a microwavable bowl and just let it sit inside the microwave for 20 seconds. This trick is actually useful in adding moisture to your bread, making it soft, almost melting when you take a bite.

Cardamom Holiday Bread

Swedish Americans were first to make cardamom holiday bread. Its name is derived from a famous spice called “cardamom,” which gives off a menthol-like flavor.  Other spices added to this bread are what makes it unique from other holiday pastries. Its taste might surprise you if you are unfamiliar with spices being mixed with baked products.

You can indulge in the powerful aroma of aromatic spices such as nutmeg, clove, and cinnamon all together. Take note that this is best served with a hot cup of coffee on the side. Not only will this holiday bread make your mornings perfect, it’s also a good thing to have when you have a hearty dinner. The spices within the bread go well with the sweetness which will have you wanting more.

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Eggnog Quick Bread

Who doesn’t love eggnog? For fans of eggnogs, the eggnog quick bread is an easy recipe for you. There is a long list of ingredients that you can browse online, but it is undoubtedly worth it once you start making eggnog quick bread.

You’ll need to prepare the base, the streusel topping, and the eggnog icing in three different sessions. Don’t forget that great results come after great efforts, so try baking this bread in the coming holiday season.

Holiday Bread Pudding

This is a mix-and-bake pastry suitable for surprise visitors during the holidays. With apples, bread cubes, and cranberries as primary ingredients, you’ll be able to impress the guests with an effortless yet luscious treat.

Egg yolks, milk, cream, and sugar should be mixed along with the primary ingredients. A cream sauce is an excellent complement to this bread. You can innovate and do it yourself or relate it to your estimation of the guest’s ideal flavor. Try adding a bit of cinnamon with those apple cubes. Once this tasty treat is out of your oven, you and your guests will immediately feel the holiday through its wonderful aroma.


Holidays are extra special when the family has a collaborative effort in preparing meals. Moments like this strengthens the bond and heightens the love among the household. To top it off, the food served during the holidays is just perfect. Sweet treats are indeed a choice of all generations. Indeed, coming together and enjoying wonderful treats continues to foster relationships, accompanying families in every holiday of the year.

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