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Setting Boundaries When Working from Home for a Better Work/Life Balance

Working from home certainly has numerous benefits. For instance, you don’t have to commute to and from an office, and you don’t have to wait in a long queue in your local bagel shop every lunchtime. But as more people begin working from home, the more they notice that maintaining a work/life balance is a challenging feat. People either let their personal lives bleed into their work lives or allow their work lives to take over their personal lives. By achieving a balance between the two, you will be happier at work and in your personal life. Furthermore, it’s easier to achieve than you may think. You just have to set the right boundaries.

Set Office Hours

Working from home often enables you to work on flexible time, which is one significant advantage of home-working. You can structure your day according to other things you have to do. For example, you could work a morning and an early evening every Wednesday when you have to pick up the kids from school. But don’t let the flexibility become so flexible that you lose sight of your personal life and work boundaries. You can alter your office hours every day if that works for you, but it’s important to set those office hours and stick to them. Arrange a timetable that allows you to spend a designated time working and a specified time devoted to non-work life, and you will create a good work/life balance.

Take Breaks

When you plan your work time, don’t forget to schedule breaks. Without giving yourself specific times to stop working during the day, you could overwork and become less productive. It’s essential to take time to eat a snack to regain energy, drink water to stay hydrated, and get away from work for a few minutes. Remember to schedule a lunch break as well. It’s important to distract yourself from work during lunchtime, so you can regain energy and focus on your second shift. For instance, you could play some music, watch a funny YouTube vid, do a crossword or sudoku, or play a slot game at an online casino like

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Set Communication Boundaries

It can be easier said than done to create schedules that fit in with your personal life and stick to them when you live with others at home and collaborate with others at work. But if you want to create a strong and healthy work/life balance, you need to have communication agreements with your work team and your household. That means they know what times of the day you are available. Let your team know that, for example, after six pm, you are no longer available. And let your family or household know that they are not allowed to interrupt you during your designated office hours.

Don’t Do Chores During Work Time

It’s already been mentioned that setting office hours means doing nothing but working during those hours, but you may not think that applies to everything. After all, when you’re working from home, it’s easy to think you’ll just pop on a quick laundry load. But the more you distract yourself with such chores, the less focused on work you will be, and the less productive you will become. Do not be tempted to do any quick chores outside of making yourself a cup of coffee. If you are, before you know it, you will be doing more and more chores during your workday, and then you could find yourself working long after your designated knock-off time.

Enjoy Your Days Off to the Max

When your office is at home, it is easy to sit down on a day off to just complete one quick thing for work, which could easily turn into a few hours of doing many quick things. Before you know it, you will have lost half your day. To maintain a work/life balance, you must find time to switch off from work completely. So, when days off come around, treat them as days off and forget about work. It’s important to take time off to relax and recharge, so enjoy your days off to the max. A happier personal life equals a happier and more productive work life, and vice versa. Set the boundaries that work for you, and you will create a much better work/life balance in no time.

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