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6 Convincing Reasons To Go All-Electric This Year

With all of the options for going electric in 2020, then finding the right option that works for your budget shouldn’t be a challenge. If you are still debating whether or not to go electric, then are great reasons to make this your year. Choosing an electric vehicle or an electric bicycle is more cost-effective than ever before. With the benefits of nothing needing gasoline and knowing that you are helping the environment, it seems like a no brainer. 

What is Electric?

Going electric means that you are investing in the future. When you go electric, then your bicycle or motor vehicle runs off batteries instead of gasoline (or your own two feet). You can charge your vehicles more easily now with charging stations placed all over large cities. Not only does it make life more convenient but you are also helping out the environment. 

There are many great options for both electric cars and bikes. The experts over at savemypenny.com/blog/the-5-best-electric-bikes-on-the-market-right-now/ recommend the best electric bikes that are on the market today. There are now numerous options for electric cars as well. With many car manufacturers looking at options for going all-electric in the future, then why not start today!

Why Go Electric

Once you go electric, then you won’t go back. Going electric is the future and you can become a part of it now. Listed here are six great reasons to go electric this year:

  1. Easy to Maintain

Electric cars are easy to maintain as maintenance costs are much lower than gas guzzlers. This is due to the fact that gasoline-powered cars have much more complex engines with parts that need to be replaced much more often. When you purchase an electric car, then you eliminate the need for all of those extra hassles such as oil changes, timing belts, spark plugs, and flushing the fluids. 

  1. Battery-Powered
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Another great reason to go electric is that they are powered by batteries. This means that you will never need to go to a gas station again (unless, of course, you have a hybrid car that also uses gasoline). One of the newest benefits of using a battery-powered bicycle or car is that the batteries are made to last longer and don’t need to be charged as often. 

  1. No Emissions

Going electric means that you won’t have any tailpipe emissions polluting the air. Electric cars and bikes reduce emissions because they produce way fewer greenhouse gases than a car. 

  1. No Fuel

When you choose to purchase an electric car, then you lose the need for gasoline. You’ll never need to worry about pumping your own gas again. Rather, you can simply charge your car when the battery is getting low. Not only does this help your gas costs (it reduces them to zero if your car is fully electric) but it also helps the environment as it saves on gas transportation and importing the gasoline to where you live. 

  1. Fun to Drive or Ride. 

Electric cars and bicycles are fun to drive and fun to ride. If you have an electric car, such as a Tesla, then you will also have a car that will help you drive! They offer smoother driving experiences as well as a safer experience as well. If you are interested in an electric bicycle, then you’ll be able to get places faster with a smoother ride. You can have assistance when going up hills in order to save your energy for longer rides. 

  1. Eco-Friendly
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The greatest benefit of all for purchasing an electric bicycle or car is that it is one of the most environmentally friendly options for getting around. If you live in a place where having a car or bike is essential, then this is your best option for helping out the environment. Many places also offer a tax break when it comes to purchasing electric car, since it is such an eco-friendly option. The tax credit, pending on where you live, can take a whopping $7,500 off your price tag. With these added benefits, then it makes choosing an electric option even more affordable than before. 

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You can find a variety of electric bicycles and cars at affordable prices. There are many different options and styles when it comes to electric cars, including hybrid cars and SUVs. As technology advances, then you can wait even longer before needing to charge it!  With more and more plug-in stations being added around cities all over the world, then you won’t have to search for a spot to charge up. 

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