Try These Ideas To Make Your Basic Car A Luxury Vehicle

You don’t have to spend a lot of money to own a luxury vehicle.

If your budget only allows for a car with the basics, you can add luxury items to it to make it more like your ideal vehicle. Maybe you want leather seats, a high-end stereo system, navigation, and custom wheels. The dealer would charge you thousands more for those items if you bought those as factory-installed. But you can pay a fraction for the same luxuries after you take your new car home.

Consider these upgrades for your car.

Leather seats

Nothing beats the comfort and look of beautiful leather seats in your car. But the dealer will charge you thousands more for this extra.

Instead, consider leather seat covers for your car or truck. They are easy to install yourself and have all the benefits of the factory leather seats the dealer can provide. They are custom-made to fit your vehicle, ensuring that all the functions like headrests, adjustment controls, and hand rests remain operable. The leather covers also provide matching console coverage to provide a uniform look in your vehicle’s interior. These coverings have the added bonus of protecting the original seats that will look brand new when you remove them. If you want to see what to expect, check this out.

Theater quality audio and video

There is no reason to suffer through poor quality audio systems installed as standard equipment by car manufacturers when there are so many options on the market to upgrade your vehicle’s sound system. 

Advancement in vehicle audio installation means you can upgrade to any style of audio system you can imagine in your car, including extras like a subwoofer, surround sound, and equalizers that allow you to control every aspect of the sound. These upgrades can range from under $100 to more than $1,000, depending on how far you want to go with your audio system. There are also video components that can be added for back seat viewing.

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Searching for navigation

It’s no longer necessary to rely on car manufacturers to install navigation systems in your vehicle. The options available for add-ons after buying a car mean you can benefit from the directional guides in big and small ways. 

A simple addition of navigation is to tap into your cell phone’s navigation system, using Bluetooth capabilities. That requires a Bluetooth-friendly audio system, which some standard vehicle audio equipment installed by manufacturers doesn’t have. But if yours has it, the connection will give you navigation ability through your sound system.

Other options include a new audio system that also features navigation or a separately installed navigation system that is independent of your audio system.

Rolling with style

Many cars today are sold with basic wheels and hubcaps, not necessarily the stylish impression you’re hoping to make. Now better wheel options are available to add value to your vehicle.

Nothing improves the look and value of your car as quickly as a new set of rims. Many manufacturers have realized the popularity of specialized wheels and are offering them as options on new cars they sell. But the same or better options are available after you purchase the car, or for used vehicles that came with less flashy wheels. The rims can come at a big price, however, so choose wisely. Some sets sell for $1,000 or more per wheel and require special tires of different sizes for your vehicle, while others can accommodate your current tires and add to the look of your vehicle.

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