Creative Tips That Will Make You More Efficient In Managing Email

Organization comes easy to some, yet requires a little more effort and discipline for others. However, whether you own a business, have a work email, or simply want to improve your personal account, there are easy ways to create sufficient email management and the benefits of an organized platform are endless. 

Many people dread checking their inbox as they know the clutter and chaos that awaits them but luckily, you can avoid the hassle with a more efficient system. This is why we’ve gathered some creative tips that will improve your email management effectively. 

Frequently Clear Your Inbox 

Your account can easily become cluttered with unnecessary emails that will only pile up if left unattended. Unsubscribe to any newsletters or emails that you no longer pay attention to. If you find yourself deleting any subscription emails before opening them, you no longer need to receive anything from said service. Moreover, clearing your inbox frequently will make it checking your inbox an easier task. It will be less challenging to find emails you’re searching for and you won’t have to sift through unimportant content that takes up much of your free time. 

Automate Your Mail Process

Email automation is a great way to efficiently manage your inbox. This is an effective solution to implement in your business account to avoid unnecessary hassles and pressure. Email automation not only sends messages to recipients on occasions such as their birthdays or to welcome them to your business, but it is also an effective way to increase engagement and verify accounts to ensure you are interacting with legitimate users. 

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Use Multiple Software

You don’t need to rely on email alone to get more organized; integrate with other software and tools to maximize your potential and have your mail work in an efficient manner. For instance, include systems that track emails related to your work and integrate them with software such as project management tools, so you won’t have to skim through irrelevant content. Moreover, when it comes to sharing links, there are more secure ways to share them than sending an email attachment. By adding a personalized document tracking system, you can also include clickable text in a hyperlink to make it easier and safer for the recipient to view the document. 

Use Auto-Respond

Many businesses use auto-respond to increase engagement and provide relevant information to inquirers in real-time. However, even your personal account can utilize this tool. You can customize your automatic responses to inform senders of the appropriate times to reach you, and when they can expect a response from you, or alert them of other methods to interact with you. 

Have Separate  Personal and Business Accounts

This tip is self-explanatory, as things can get messy when personal and business tasks are merged. You can avoid any confusion and mistakes by separating your business and personal emails. This will not only improve communication, but it will also be an efficient way to escape from work when business hours are over. It’s also good to have an additional email should you suffer the risk of any security threats or fraudulent practices. 

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Separate Emails into Categories

Having two accounts to categorize your emails isn’t enough; you’ll want to create some order and structure within both your personal and business accounts to make life easier. One of the best methods to do so is to place your mail in categories such as urgent and non-urgent, and important and unimportant. When emails are categorized as urgent and important, you will be notified right away so that you can attend to these immediately. 

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Non-urgent and non-important emails can be deleted if you wish to ignore them, or flagged if they don’t need immediate attention. By separating your mail into categories, you are saving yourself valuable time, rather than having to review and address all emails at a time when you should focus on urgent matters. 

You don’t have to be the most tech-savvy individual to have an efficient and organized inbox. You will see just how easy it is to implement the above tips, and will quickly reap the benefits of these effective management tools. Email management requires no more effort than managing anything else in your life. A lot of these tips don’t require digital resources at all – just a productive individual with a decent schedule. However, tools like automation and email software add-ons do all the legwork for you, so it’s actually easier and more efficient to go digital on this one. These tools are user-friendly and just a click away. 

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