Need To Arrange A Funeral? Here’s What To Do

Death is an uncomfortable subject, especially when it is the death of a loved one or a friend. Unfortunately, however, death is an inevitability, and there is a strong likelihood that at least once during your life that you will be responsible for arranging, planning, or participating in a funeral. Knowing what to do when you have been made responsible for planning a funeral can certainly be quite a task, which is why we have compiled this easy guide for you to follow so that you can ensure the funeral planning process goes without a hitch, and so you can ensure your loved one is laid to rest in an easy and timely fashion.

Yes, as you may have gathered, in this article we will tell you everything that you need to do when the responsibility of a funeral has been laid upon you.

Here is what you need to do when arranging a funeral.

Religious Ceremonies

First and foremost, you will want to consider whether or not your relative was of a specific religious sect or denomination. If so, then you will want to contact a senior member of their religious order. The reason for this is so that they can be buried according to their religion, which if they were a devout follower of their religion is what they will want. You mustn’t ever bury your loved one in a ceremony that would not be in accordance with their wishes; if they are of a religion you dislike, you must still honor their religious rights.

Register the Death

Before you can begin making arrangements for the funeral, you must register the death. Depending on the circumstances of the death, police officers may be dispatched to investigate briefly, and if satisfied, will not look to investigate further. In other cases, such as in care homes, the death can be registered by the care home staff or the medics who find the patient. Registering the death is a very important step and if you do not go ahead and register the death immediately you can wind up in a lot of trouble with the law.

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Find a Funeral Director

Moving forwards, providing they are not a member of any particular religious organization, you will want to go ahead and find a funeral director. A funeral director will be able to plan the wedding with you, which according to the professional funeral arrangers of Ingram Funeral Home, can alleviate stress which you will undoubtedly experience during such a troubling time. You should aim to find the best funeral director in your area, and the one with the best track record, reviews, and history.


Plan the Funeral

Once you have the funeral director and have paid for their services, you can go ahead and plan for the funeral. You should hopefully, by this stage, know whether you want a traditional burial or a cremation. The funeral director will help to make all of this possible. You will then need to decide on an urn for cremation or a coffin for traditional burial. The funeral director should have a selection of these available for you to view inside their showroom, which can help you to make a decision. The funeral director will also go over the logistics of the funeral with you, and together, you will plan it; you can expect to plan aspects such as transportation, location of the burial, and the size of the funeral. These are things that only the funeral director will be able to arrange for you.


With the logistics of the funeral decided upon, you can decide whether or not you want to have your loved one or friend embalmed. Embalming allows for an open casket funeral wherein other loved ones can pay their last respects to the deceased. Embalming is practiced throughout the world, as it allows relatives to say goodbye intimately to the deceased. You must make this decision with other members of the family and ensure that you do not do it without the approval of other people because it can also be distressing for some people.

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Even if you are not having your loved one embalmed, you will want to have the loved one dressed up in clothes that they once loved, or that makes them look smart. This is a practice that is carried out throughout the world and not one exclusive to the west; you do not have to dress your loved one in a tuxedo and can dress them in whichever clothes you think they might have liked.

With the help of this page, you now know how you can go ahead and successfully plan a funeral. Funerals are very stressful and can make life incredibly difficult, but with this page, they should be a lot easier to arrange and understand. We hope that this page was of benefit to you.

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