The Cities With The Fastest 5G Speeds

Wireless mapping company Opensignal released an analysis of real-world 5G measurements across all frequency bands in mid-April which highlights network speeds in major cities around the world. South Korea has the fastest 5G download speeds of any country with an average of 361 Mbps, followed by Taiwan and the UAE with 309.9 Mbps and 269 Mbps, respectively. The analysis found that the 5G experience in leading cities was significantly better than the national average.

South Korea’s 16th largest city, Jeonju, has the fastest 5G speeds of any city worldwide and its inhabitants are able to enjoy a blisteringly quick average download speed of 415.6 Mbps. That is 15 percent faster than the country’s national average. Hsinchu City in Taiwan boasts the second fastest 5G download speeds at 360.1 Mpbs while Riyadh rounds off the top three with 317.3 Mbps on average.

Riyadh is among only three capital cities making it into the top-10 list along with Dublin and Tokyo. Several others are major global business centers, however, such as Dubai, Zurich and Barcelona. U.S. cities are conspicuous by their absence from the top-10 and Calgary is the only North American city present. Canada’s winter sports hotspot has a download speed of 181 Mbps on average, placing it tenth in the speed league.


Source: Statista

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