Where Do People Spend Most Time On Social Media?

A recent study reveals which countries spend the most time on social media in a typical day. 

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Top 10 Countries in the average time spent on social networks in a day (hh:mm), Adapted from “Social: GlobalWebIndex’s flagship report on the latest trends in social media. ”, by GlobalWebIndex, 2019, retrieved from https://www.globalwebindex.com/

These rankings came from GlobalWebIndex’s flagship report on the latest trends in social media. In order to come up with these averages, a total of 1,778,895 internet users aged 16-64, across 45 markets were asked: “Roughly how many hours do you spend engaging with/connected to social networks or services during a typical day?”


Philippines remains to be the top country on the list, having retained its spot from last year’s rankings. The Philippines has been ranking at the very top for quite a long time now. GlobalWebIndex’s report shows that the country has kept its streak since 2012.

The average time spent by Filipinos on social media is four hours and 1 minute. While this is already a huge chunk of 24 hours, this average is actually a decrease from its record last year — four hours and eight minutes — which remains to be the highest average recorded so far.

South America occupies the most number of spots in the top ten, with four countries making it in: Brazil (2nd), Colombia (3rd), Argentina (5th), and Mexico (8th).

Meanwhile, Asia and Africa both have three countries who made it to the top ten. On the other extreme, Japan recorded the lowest average time used on social media per day, with only 45 minutes.

An evolution

According to GlobalWebIndex, social media platforms have quickly transformed into entertainment hubs. This quite a departure from the original use of social media to connect with others.

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Now, people also go to social media networks to consume content. This is evident in the increase of video content you can find on sites such as Facebook and Twitter.

Regulation is key

GlobalWebIndex also noted that 20 out of the 45 markets surveyed recorded a decrease or retention of their average time spent on social media from last year’s survey.

The observed decrease is being attributed to the rise of regulation apps such as Google’s Digital Wellbeing, which remind the users to be mindful of the time they spend online.

With social media platforms offering so much more than we’ve thought it could, it is easy to be simultaneously immersed in what is happening around us and to be detached while thriving in the online space. The mindful use of these online platforms will greatly help in making sure our life stays in balance.

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