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What Is Most Viable Product And Why Is It Important

Today’s competent market will always amaze you with unexpected surprises. Launching a new product or business could be a risk with the question “what if the idea fails?”. Minimum Viable Product is a feature used to test the new business idea in the market and analyze its output well before launching the original product. It helps to get the people’s reaction via feedback, to improve the flaws in the product or business.

MVP can collect the product output, even when the product is still under development cycles. This tool helps gather the different ideas that should feature in developing products as per the public demands.

Purpose of MVP 

The Minimum Viable Product’s essential purpose is to gather the customer’s response with the minimum efforts about a product that needs to launch. It helps save money and time over a project, which is not getting any public response. If you don’t know, several MVP tools will help develop the Minimum Viable Product. Significant purposes of MVP are:

  • To quickly release the product into the market, which is getting a substantial public response.
  • Test the business idea with the public without engaging a vast budget with it
  • Learn about the points which need to improve in the final launched product

How to create MVP?

It is essential to understand how to develop the MVP? Here are a few tips necessary for creating the MVP:

  • You must understand the trends of the market and the demands of the consumers.
  • Understand the interest of the user, and map the product according to it. Learn the behavior and pattern of the customers for developing the MVP.
  • Capture the flaws of the product and improve them
  • Decide the features which need to be offered.

Why is it important?

Test the product in the real market

Is testing of products necessary in the market? Various factors affect the product’s viability, like competent market, economy, and technology used, although the product is multiple times tested during development. MVP helps us determine how well the product will compete in the market? And how the client responds to the offered features?

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Product is launched in the market before development and MVP assists in analyzing the performance. Further, it helps to test the product in the market and shows the path to improving more according to requirements.

Focus on determining the product features

Customers always need more features in the product, and developers are adding as many features as possible. It is valid to some extent, but the product loses its core value due to complexities. 

The problem is, how to avoid such unnecessary features? The MVP helps prevent these features by strictly analyzing the customer’s needs and retaining the product’s core. MVP helps the team understand which feature is vital for the product and which is not after the customer’s feedback. Also, the product access to the market depends on the key quality, and MVP helps identify those key features. 

Boost the learning process

How do we know about the experience a user faces after using the product? Of course, MVP helps to understand that experience, as the internet research and the internal testing are not valid for the actual experience. A product tested in the market with the MVP helps to learn more about the product.

Thus, landing the product in the market with a Minimum Viable Product helps enhance the product’s future version. As the product is in the processing stage, you can manipulate your product’s features or ideas.

Reduce the resources, cost, and time

After focusing on the significant features of the product using the MVP, the time, cost, and resources will reduce and minimize the burden on the company. Through it, we can identify at an earlier stage of product development regarding the worth of the project. 

The team members only focus on the demanding features and enhance the product viability. It saves time, resources, and costs on full product development, which may or may not succeed in the market competition. Thus without MVP, there is a risk of massive loss to the company if the product fails to attract customers in the market.

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Switch to an agile and iterative process

The traditional process involves releasing the whole product in the market or launching it directly without successful surety. Instead, MVP helps launch the product and lets the customer test it and give feedback. This feedback is further consumed in an iterative loop to enhance the future version of the product with better features. 

Example of MVP

Let’s review few popular brands which launched the successful MVPs

1) Amazon

Amazon is the perfect example of the MVP as it emerges with time as the best online store. Amazon developed in 1941 with the idea of an online book-selling store. This idea gained immense popularity in public and is now known as the largest e-commerce business holder globally.

The point is that the idea behind the previous and the modern Amazon is the same; they just evolved with time depending on the demands. They bring multiple features and products on their platform with the same idea of trading globally.


2) Instagram

Back in the past, Kevin Systrom developed a mobile application called Burbn. People can share their views, thoughts, and check-ins at several locations. However, the app fails to get public attention, and the primary reason is that it lacks a photo-sharing feature. The developer found that people are more interested in apps that enable users to share their photos. After analyzing the reviews, the Burbn team started to focus on photo-sharing features, and now we all know the success of Instagram in our lives. 

If you are interested in starting a business or launching a product, you should first create a Minimum Viable Product. You can get the actual product reviews directly from the public, which can help change your features and services. The modern era recommends that building a product is not essential, but checking its viability in the market is necessary. MVP helps to understand the performance of the products well before their launching.

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