Here’s Why You Need to Invest in Livestock Management Software

Raising livestock is one of the most time-intensive and memory-intensive jobs you can get.  Not only do you have to spend time taking care of every animal and ensuring they grow up happy and healthy, but you have to do that for at least thirty-five animals at a time! 

These are the top reasons livestock management software is a great choice for ranchers looking to make the whole process run smoother.

Weight Fluctuations Could Mean Health Issues

The larger the weight fluctuations, the more likely there are underlying health issues with your animals.  Keeping track through good livestock management software will allow you to keep track of where your animals are in weight, ensure that they’re bulking up enough or that they’re maintaining a healthy weight.  Although visually, many ranchers would notice this, it’s a good idea to have software that can make it more obvious.

Tracking Age Ensures You Process Animals on Time

Although you can keep track of age through things like great ear tags and clear tracking systems, it’s a good idea to have their ages and dates of birth marked down somewhere digitally.  This will help you remember when an animal is ready to be processed and will give you the chance to prepare for it and ensure they’re at their best body type for it.

Tracking Vaccinations and Care Keeps Them Healthier

If you have to guess when the last time an animal had its vaccinations or heartworm medication: you’re not doing a good enough job.  Instead, livestock management software will have clear information on when the last vaccinations were when this animal last saw a veterinarian and any advice the vet told you for care.

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Helps With Identification If An Animal Goes Missing

Unfortunately, if an animal is stolen, and there aren’t any large markers to point out that it’s yours, someone may get away with your livestock.  Clear identification through management software will tell you if an animal has a scar or any specific markings so that when you’re trying to retrieve it, you can prove that you’ve worked with this animal for a range of time.

Keep Track of Sales and Trends That Occur

When it’s time to process the animal, livestock management software can track how much you were able to sell the goods for and help you make business decisions about this later on.  This will help you maintain a steady quality, show whether there’s any correlation between weight and how much someone paid for it, and help you make decisions on future treatment and rearing of these animals.

Livestock is complicated because they’re large and heavy animals that need a lot of work and time to ensure that they grow up healthy and bring in an income.  Although over time, you’ll be able to memorize certain things or get to recall more about your animals, you must allow livestock management software to take some of this weight off of your shoulders!  There’s enough that goes into raising livestock: give yourself a break!

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