How Technology Has Changed Online Gambling

The world of technology is continuously striving forward, meaning technology advancements have allowed society to feel the benefit in various aspects of their lifestyles, be that at work, or at home, but also through side endeavors and pastimes. One particular pastime that has been significantly improved through the evolving world of tech is online gaming and gambling. Below are four examples of how the online gambling industry has transformed and improved due to such modern advancements.

Anytime, Anywhere

The fact that online gambling can be accessed on portable devices such as mobiles and tablets has seen a dramatic change in the way in which gamblers can interact, bet, gamble and play. Websites and apps mean that regardless of where an individual may be, there is easy access to gambling opportunities 24/7. This flexible approach has meant that more and more players can get involved, as they are not restricted by time zones either, for example. Ease of accessibility to results has meant that, as opposed to gamblers being limited due to other commitments or a busy schedule, bets can be made on the go, and can be made as instantly as they are selected.

More Interactive

Understandably, with apps and online facilities aiding gamblers in their gameplay and the way in which they can keep track of the games they are playing, another positive that has come of this is player interaction. It is now easier than ever to interact, connect and chat with various other players or competitors online. The interactive nature of some online poker tournaments and gambling mean people from all over the world can connect at the touch of a button.

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Poker Tournaments

Casinos are still incredibly popular, and poker still captivates many players from all over the world. As well as utilizing online services to get involved with poker, live updates can now be streamed to devices, with information available online for those interested in taking part. Players of the World Series of Poker’s digital platform, for example, are now able to access a combined service for players in Delaware, Nevada and New Jersey. Players from various states will be able to play against each other, with better game selection, larger prize pools, and wider time zone coverage. WSOP is a perfect example of how technology has aided and improved online gambling to suit the player. There are various online gold bracelet events coming up which online players may want to get involved with, including No-Limit Hold’ems throughout June. Events occurring throughout June can see players warm up in preparation for the Main Event, the World Championship, that takes place on July 4th.

Live Streaming

Live streaming is another feature that has aided the gambling world, which applies to various types of gambling including sports betting. If an individual is unable to watch a live sports event for whatever reason, there are now various ways to livestream games to portable devices. This, in turn, has seen an increase in the popularity of online betting and gambling, due to the easy accessibility.

Cryptocurrency as a deposit method

As major gambling platforms decided to stay away from cryptocurrency, many smaller gambling sites started accepting cryptocurrency deposits as a way to gain a competitive advantage. Some of them only accept cryptocurrency! Indeed, cryptocurrencies (digital currencies built on blockchain technology) present many advantages for both websites and players: less legal restriction, more anonymity, fewer fees, etc.

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Here is, for example, a list of the 3 best bitcoin poker sites by CryptoManiaks, and how they compare with regular poker sites like pokerstars.

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