Holistic Businesses – How You Need To Evolve For 2020

There are many ways that you can stand out from your competitors. Nowadays, the best approach is to opt for a holistic method. This means offering employees a great working culture, and it means offering customers the chance to do some good in the world by choosing your brand over your competitors. If done right, your business can help support and lift up your community in unique ways. You’ll become the business of choice, leave behind a lasting legacy, and you’ll be able to choose who to hire from the top talent in your area, all by adopting a holistic approach to your management.

What is a Holistic Business?

A holistic business is one that aims to do good for its employees, its customers, its community, and for the planet at large. A holistic business is one that goes beyond profits and bottom lines, and a holistic business approach is something that every company needs to adopt for the sake of their future and the planet.

To put this in workable terms, a holistic business is:

One with a Thriving Company Culture

Start at home when cleaning up, and you’ll find your efforts go so much further. That is why the first step to becoming a holistic business is to work to create a thriving company culture that supports its employees’ health and wellbeing while also securing their loyalty. A loyal, healthy employee is one who will work hard and push their own limits. Reward their efforts, and you have an innovator for life.

One with Emphasis on People, Planet and Profit

The next step is to look towards your supply chain from start to finish. Work to help promote greener production practices, and ways you can support communities all along your supply chain. This includes the community that you operate in. Host charity events, training workshops, and more to boost your community and help everyone thrive. It might sound costly, but if done right, it can boost your reputation and sales as customers flock to you for your quality and commitments.

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How to Become a Holistic Business

To become a holistic business, you are going to need to accomplish the following:

01. Hire Like-Minded People

Hiring the right people is vital. You want everyone to be on board with your message and goal of making the world a better place for your customers and yourselves. This is critically important if you need to hire an executive, as they are the ones who will be directing your business forward into this new future. Regardless of whether you promote from within or not, an executive assessment is a great tool to help you find the perfect candidate for the position in question.

02. Work Together to Improve Internally

Work with everyone to improve your business and supply chain. Hosting beach cleans in your own town means nothing if your suppliers are the ones dumping trash in the ocean.

03. Work to Achieve Green Certification

A great way to benchmark your improvements and showcase your efforts is to work towards green certifications. Once you achieve the first one, the others are relatively easy to accomplish.

04. Focus on Social Improvements in Your Community

Finish things off by offering community projects that help boost the economy of your customers. You can offer free workshops to help those with their career development, you can host charity events, or you can donate to a good cause and become a sponsor.

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