5 Advantages Cities Have Over Rural Living

There are all kinds of ways and places you can live. Maybe you were born in a rural setting, and you choose to stay there. There are definitely some great things about living where there are fewer people.

On the other hand, many individuals born in rural settings decide to move to major cities the first chance they get. It’s not for everyone, but some people find that once they try it, they wouldn’t want to live any other way. Let’s talk about a few of the main reasons why some individuals enjoy living in larger cities.

There Are Many More Public Transportation Options

If you reside in a rural setting, there may be no public transportation at all. That means, if you want to get around, you can walk, ride a bike, or get a vehicle like a car or truck.

Driving is by no means the safest activity in the world, and some people don’t like it very much. If you’re going to be a driver, you have to commit to being a safe one and focusing only on the road ahead and never on your smartphone. The National Highway Transportation Safety Administration said that distracted driving killed over 2,800 people in 2018.

If you move to a big city, and you don’t like driving very much, you don’t have to do it, because you have other options. You can probably go to work every day via a train or bus. There are also cabs and Uber drivers everywhere, which is convenient if you can afford it.

There Are Cultural Opportunities

You may prefer to live in a larger city because of the many cultural opportunities that affords you. Those same opportunities do not exist in rural settings.

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Think about living in a city like New York. You could attend multiple events there every day for a year, and you would still only scratch the surface of what the Big Apple can offer you.

You can go to museums, plays, or the opera. You can go to sporting events like a baseball or basketball game. New York has several major league sports franchises from which to choose.

No matter what you’re into, you should be able to do something corresponding to it in a large city. That simply isn’t the case if you live out in the middle of nowhere.

There Are More Job Opportunities

The job market has changed considerably lately. The pandemic does have something to do with that, but also, more people can work from home now.

Because of this, it’s not inconceivable that you can find your dream job in a rural area since you can work online. However, the reality is that some employers still demand that you do your job in person.

In a city, there are more physical locations that might hire you. Some jobs still request that you commute there each morning, and in a large city, there will be many more job opportunities than rural living affords you.

There Are More Dating Chances

You might also feel like you want to move to the big city because there are very few dating opportunities where you are. If you live out on a farm, or you live in a town with a population of 300 or so, there are going to be fewer eligible individuals whom you might date or with whom you might seek a serious relationship.

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If you move to a city with millions of people there, finding that special someone seems more likely. You’re simply adding to the dating pool. The more humans there are around you, the more likely you’ll match with someone.

You Have More of a Chance to Find Yourself

Living in a rural area means it’s harder for you to figure out who you are. The reality is that many people figure out their identities by being around other human beings.

It is only by being close to others that we can figure out whether we like their qualities. We hold them up alongside our own and form firmer beliefs as we contrast what we like in others with what we don’t care for so much.

Often, real growth comes when you move to a big city. You can pick the tenets you respect in others that you’d like to embody going forward. You might also find that you’re already fully developed as a person, but you’ll never know that until you meet many different individuals.

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