Understanding The Different Types Of Legal Contracts And How They’re Useful

In the business world, there are many types of legal contracts that can be used to define a relationship between two or more parties. Most people are familiar with the most common type, but here is how you can understand different types of legal contracts and why they are useful. Here are some of them.

1. Surety bonds.

A surety bond is a contract between three parties that ensures the promise of one party to another. The first two parties are often an individual or business and an underwriter, also known as the obligee. The third part is called the principal; this refers to any person, entity, or company who needs something (i.e., service, good, etc.) done, and the obligee is responsible for making sure that it gets done. There are new york surety bonds that act as a legal promise made by an individual or organization to perform a specific task, fulfill a surety obligation, and adhere to the terms of a legal contract. The best kind of surety bonds are those are jointly executed by all three parties.

2. Guaranty Bond.

Another type of contract is called a guaranty contract or a guarantee bond, which is, as you could guess, a guarantee that one party will stand by another party and make sure he completes an obligation. This form of contract is used when someone needs to offer a third-party guarantee and responsibility for something (i.e., money or services). A guaranty business can be bound to the “obligee”, which refers to the person requiring the services or goods to be supplied, or it can also refer to being responsible for something else’s failure.

3. Subcontractor contract.

A subcontract is an agreement that a service provider or contractor makes with a business owner or another contractor. This type of contract describes the basic expectations for everyone, including what fee will be earned and how payments will be handled. In addition, it can include more specific matters, such as whether the work performed by the contractor may please the customer. This means they would get their money back from the original developer who hired them in the first place. You should always find reliable legal help because without them, contracts can go wrong.

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4. Lease Agreement.

Another type of legal documents that people should know about is a lease agreement, which refers to renting something (i.e., estate or equipment) with an option to buy later. The best kinds of lease agreements are those that allow for options to purchase and re-negotiate the price as determined by an appraisal or other investment decisions made by the lessor (i.e., landlord).

5. Loan Agreement.

A loan agreement is a contract between two parties that sets out the rules and terms which apply when one person provides another with credit or money in exchange for their promise to pay it back, with interest. Types of loans can vary greatly depending on whether you’re talking about collateralized or unsecured loans, and they include: personal loans, automobile loans, student loans, and mortgages among others. This type of contract also deals with procedures related to the terms of repayment, information regarding interest rates and fees, rules regarding late payments or defaulting on payments, and so on.

6. Insurance contract.

An insurance contract is an agreement between at least two parties to compensate one party for financial loss due to certain events that were unforeseen by them when they first signed the agreement. The best kinds of contracts are those that refer to something known as a contingent premium or deductible, which refers to how much you or another party has to pay out-of-pocket before the insurer starts making good on their claims. There are many types of insurance including credit life insurance, health insurance, homeowner’s insurance, automobile insurance among others. There are also subcategories of insurance that are worth mentioning such as rent-a-car insurance, personal effects coverage, pet insurance among others.

7. Employment contract.

An employment contract is an agreement between an employer and an individual who works for the organization which outlines their rights to certain benefits while they’re employed. The best types of contracts are those that refer to the employee’s salary, both in terms of how it will be calculated and how often it will be paid. Examples of other important aspects include mandatory holidays or vacation time, whether employees can get fired without notice, what happens if one party breaches the contract terms, noncompete clauses, etc. This type of legal document also deals with procedures related to promotions, bonuses, and layoffs in addition to providing information regarding the duties one party is expected to perform.

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8. Contract of Adhesion.

Another type of legal document that many people should familiarize themselves with are contracts of adhesion, which refer to an agreement between two parties where there is very little room for negotiation due to certain factors, such as when both parties are dealing with unequal bargaining power. The best types of these documents are those that refer to something known as unconscionable clauses, or terms which take advantage of one party’s lack of understanding about their own rights under the law. This may mean something like waiving all rights to a trial by jury or accepting completely unreasonable deadlines if they have a certain illness or disability.

9. Contract Formation.

The final type of legal document worth mentioning here is a contract formation, which refers to the execution and delivery of a legally binding document. The best types of contracts are those that refer to witnesses who can attest that both parties had an opportunity to review their own copy of the agreement before it was signed, bound, and delivered into good faith by one party while another understands its terms and conditions. In addition, any type of contract must be clear in its language, unambiguous regarding its terms and conditions, not written in bad faith or under duress or coercion from one party while trying to make it sound like something else entirely. This means that there should be no room for subjective interpretation, and that all the contract’s terms and conditions must remain clear throughout.


Knowing how to make legal contracts is something that can ensure your continued success. Being able to identify the types of written agreements for your organization or work face is important because they will vary depending on the industry in which you’re practicing. With these explanations above, you won’t have a problem understanding what do they mean.

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