Figuring Out What’s Wrong With Your Laptop

Laptops are useful machines, but they can affect your productivity and mood when they don’t work well. Each laptop has numerous components and programs working in coordination, so several things can go wrong. Although your computer may still operate, you will find that it may become slower, unable to perform functions, or shut down.

Fixing your laptop is typically a game of elimination. There are routine checks and diagnostics that you can run to find out the problem. Once you know the problem, you can fix it. Fixing an issue may be a simple task, or it may become a more involved one.

Storage Problems

Hard drive space is essential, so if you are low on space, it can affect your laptop’s performance or ability to download new things. If you constantly get notifications that your disk space is insufficient, you need to free up some space by deleting files. There are several ways to increase the space on your hard drive. Start with deleting files that take up most of your space. Viewing files that are taking up space depends on the OS:

  • On Windows 10, go to Settings > System > Storage to see what files are taking up space. 
  • On a Mac OS, click the Apple menu and go to About This Mac > Storage. Once there, click the Manage button, and you’ll have an option to view files according to size.
  • If the above options aren’t enough, you can use third-party alternatives like WinDirStat and Disk Inventory X.

Deleting unnecessary files like documents is good house cleaning, but you need to delete the big files to gain space. These could be video files, program files, or games. 

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As you use your computer and surf the internet, your machine will create temporary files. Although temporary files were necessary when your computer made them, they have no use after that. Deleting temporary files is a temporary solution as your laptop will create more as time goes on.

You can add space at your disposal by using cloud services or getting a new hard drive. Cloud services let you upload your files and access them from any device; you will pay a subscription fee for the service. You can also upgrade to a hard drive with bigger space or buy an external hard drive that will keep your files.

Loud Noises

Your laptop’s hardware comes with moving parts, so, naturally, it makes a sound. But when the sound changes from a soft whirl to unpleasant sounds like rattling or grinding, then it may be time for a fix. Two key components could be the source of the problem, your fan or your hard drive.

Your fan is essential as it is responsible for keeping your laptop cool. Over time, it may collect dust or break down, and that will affect your computer’s performance. You can clean or, if necessary, replace the fan to fix this issue. If your hard drive makes noise, you will need to back up your files and install a new one.

Keyboard Issues

You use your computer hunched over the keyboard, so it will collect some debris after some time. It will collect dust from its surroundings, food particles from your meals in front of the computer, or anything else that can fit under the keys. Any debris under the keys will jam them, and you will start to have stuck keys or ones that need extra pressure to function.

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To clean your keyboard, you can take the following steps:

  • Start by turning it off and unplugging it. 
  • Flip the keyboard upside down and shake out any debris that you may easily dislodge.
  • Use a soft bristle brush to clean loose debris in between the keys.
  • Wipe it clean using a microfibre cloth. To wipe out any grime, add isopropyl alcohol to the cloth or a cotton swab. Alcohol evaporates quickly and is unlikely to wet your electronics.

You can also remove individual keys to clean them or use a vacuum underneath a keyboard. Cleaning your laptop keyboard like that is a bit more complex, so try to use professional services if you find it necessary.

Unknown Problems

Although most problems have a fix, sometimes you can try every fix, and nothing works. This includes a battery that no longer lasts or even works. You may also find yourself with a computer that unexpectedly shuts down or is confronted by malware. In this case, ​​search for ‘laptop repair near me‘ to call in a professional. A professional service will have the diagnostics tools to pinpoint the problem and have the expertise to fix it. Using a professional service can save you a lot of stress and money.

Don’t Let Computer Malfunctions Cause Stress

No matter the model or how long you’ve had the laptop, it will give you issues at some point. Use the above solutions for the problems that you can quickly fix. If there are more complex issues, then turn to the professionals.

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