How Balance Transfers Help Eliminate Debt

“How balance transfers help eliminate debt?” is one of the first questions that people should ask when it comes to balance transfers. This is because their effectiveness can see enormous variation from case to case. If someone knows how to use them, they can find their debt becoming much more manageable. In contrast, if someone doesn’t, they can find their debt becoming worse. 

How Can You Use a Balance Transfer to Help You Eliminate Your Outstanding Debt?

For starters, a balance transfer means moving the balance on one account to another account, meaning that it is effectively credit card debt consolidation. This can be helpful because the latter can have lower interest rates as well as more lenient loan terms, thus making it easier for someone to pay off their outstanding debt. Furthermore, it is important to note that a lot of creditors offer special terms for balance transfers for a limited period of time.

Lower Interest Rates

Thanks to this, the interest charged on a person’s outstanding debt can fall by a considerable extent for a limited time. A bigger portion of each payment made in this period will be used to pay the principal rather than the monthly interest. As such, less interest will be charged in every subsequent period because of the smaller principal, which has multiple benefits. For example, this makes the debt less expensive in the long run. Similarly, this speeds up the rate at which the debt can be paid off. On top of this, this means smaller monthly payments, which can be very attractive for those who are struggling with their finances.

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What Not to Do

Unfortunately, it is very easy for people to misuse balance transfers. As a result, it is possible for them to fall into an even worse situation if they aren’t careful. To name a common example, some people have been known to reorganize their balances using a balance transfer, then proceeding to use up the available credit a second time, thus making them even more indebted. Meanwhile, another common example would be failing to aggressively pay off their debt during the initial grace period. This can be extremely detrimental because the outstanding debt will become much more expensive once the interest rate rises. You can learn more about this at

What You Should Do

Due to this, there are a number of things that people should keep in mind when trying to make good use of balance transfer for credit card debt consolidation. Generally speaking, they should start by adding up their balances to see how much they will need to transfer. Once they have done so, they can use the terms of the balance transfer to calculate their expected costs. Immediate costs are important; particularly since balance transfers often come with a balance transfer fee that is the higher of either a specific sum or a specific percentage of the balance. 

Later costs are also important. For that, people should use budgeting to estimate how much they spend in each month as well as how much they can use for debt repayment in each month. This will tell them how much of their outstanding debt they can pay off during the initial grace period. Something that will make it possible for them to tell whether they will be better off once the initial grace period is over or not.

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Timing Is Crucial

Besides this, there are other suggestions that might prove useful. For example, if people don’t see a good credit card for balance transfers, it can be a good idea to wait. Partly, this is because they can work on their credit score, and partly, this is because credit card companies introduce new deals on a regular basis. Please note that credit cards always come with trade-offs. If people want one with the best terms for balance transfers, they might want to avoid rewards unless they are planning to hold on to it for the long run.

Further Considerations

By this point, it should be clear that “How balance transfers help eliminate debt?” isn’t as simple as letting people sit back while the benefits roll in. Instead, they need to plan out their course of action using the information known to them. By doing so, people should enable themselves to avoid the potential pitfalls of credit card debt consolidation.

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