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Which Casino Apps Can Help You Win Real Money?

With the advent of online casinos, two starkly different categories have gotten increasingly evident. One of these involves the aspect of practice casinos if you will. These are based on the simple idea that one must practice a lot first before being a part of the big leagues.

However, the reality is that you can’t win ‘real’ money in these games. It’s important to note that the money you earn in these casinos is virtual cash which is not real. It means that you can’t use that money for real-world transactions. That’s the entire purpose of practice casinos that they allow you to bet virtual money, losing which doesn’t harm you.

But then how do you win real money gambling online? There are a bunch of great casinos out there that help you do just that. These operate on real money which is transactional in the real-world as well. You can bet your cash and can expect to win big time as well.

However, one thing to keep in mind here is that it’s always preferable to get some practice in one of those ‘practice’ casinos before you jump into the real thing. It will ensure that you don’t enjoy losing all your cash and win a hefty amount.

Best Casino Apps That Help You Win Big Time

Now that you know the basics of gambling online let’s look at your best option when it comes to earning real money online.

  1. Gclub Casino: This is a renowned casino known for its hefty welcome bonuses. It also offers a high win rate of 96.71%, which ensures you get your money’s worth out of the gambling experience. Check their official Gclub website.
  2. Betway live-casino: This is the best one for you if the welcome bonus is a high priority. It focusses on attracting amateurs by offering hefty welcome bonuses. You can get a welcome bonus. Moreover, it has a deficient payout time of 1-2 days.
  3. Leovegas: You should go with Leovegas if you’re running a little low on cash but still want to keep playing the gambling game. A hefty welcome bonus is offered to new players. Yes, you heard that right. Such a great gift can give you a kickstart and then take your places.
  4. Jackpotcity: This app is all about a low payout time of merely two days. The services it offers are of high quality. Moreover, it provides a handsome welcome bonus.
  5. Spin Casino: This casino is extremely reassuring to a lot of people, and for a good reason. It has an extremely high win rate of 97.15%, which is a boon for amateurs to the game. Besides, it also offers a deficient payout time of only one day, which is exceptional.
  6. SCR888: Not the best in the business but still a great deal nonetheless. It offers a decent welcome bonus and has a high win rate of 97.03%. Apart from that, you should sign up for this app if you’re a cricket enthusiast.
  7. Playzee: Playzee is an app not many people know of, but is an excellent value for money. The best part about the app is that it offers a hefty welcome bonus of up to 200,000 rupees, which can be a lifesaver.
  8. Bodog: Bodog is excellent for those who want a decent sign-up bonus with a high rate of winning. It offers you a welcome bonus of 50,000 rupees. Besides, it is also very generous with its payout time of 2 days.
  9. Voodoo dreams: Not the most profitable app on the list if you want to win big, but is still worth checking out. It offers quality features and a well-optimized app for the best of mobile performance.
  10. Royal Vegas: The last on the list is Royal Vegas, which is an app not a lot of people know of. It is exceptionally well-build and offers a great welcome bonus of 120,000 rupees. It is an amazing deal for beginners, and you should check it out.
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It’s often difficult to choose the right app to be able to earn some real cash. However, this list aims to streamline the process for you. Also, there’s a websites like AOC that aims to be a guide in your journey to glory in the world of gambling.

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