How to Detox While Living in a Polluted City

Air pollution in major cities has become a widely known problem in recent years. Breathing in low-quality air poses various health risks, from pulmonary diseases and lung cancer to heart disease and stroke. There are many proposed solutions to this problem. Still, they are either half-measures that will prove effective after following them for decades or long-term programs focused on removing the primary sources of local pollution, which often interfere with the interests of large corporations or the general public.

However, you can still help yourself and improve your well-being by planning a detox. Polluted air may inhibit you from exercising outside, but there are other means you can take to cleanse your body, including planning your diet thoroughly, introducing an exercise routine, getting an air purifier, and more.

As you implement the tips below, you will see that your lifestyle will change for the better. So, read on and enjoy the benefits of a healthy body!

Reinvent Your Diet

Diet plays a significant role in your health. What you eat can have a profound effect on your well-being, especially when it comes to protecting yourself against pollution. Polluted air contains particles harmful to your body, but foods can help protect you from them. For this reason, many people decide to implement into their diets the best spirulina supplements and more healthy foods while leaving behind junk foods like potato chips and corn puffs.

Consider making a few changes to your diet, such as:

Eat More Fruits and Vegetables

Studies show that eating fruits and vegetables can protect you from various diseases, including heart disease and other cardiovascular diseases. This is because these foods contain antioxidants, which reduce the risk of damage to your cells.

The best fruits and vegetables to eat have the highest concentrations of antioxidants in them, including blueberries, strawberries, spinach, or broccoli. These foods can cleanse your body from harmful pollutants and reduce the adverse effects of particulates.

Increase Your Intake of Omega-3 Fats

Omega-3 fats are essential for your body, and they can improve your well-being on a variety of levels. The ones found in fish have been proven to have anti-inflammatory properties, which can protect you from the negative effects of air pollution. You can introduce more omega-3 fats into your diet by eating flax seeds, chia seeds, and olive oil.

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Avoid Processed Foods

Processed foods contain highly processed fats, which are harmful to your health. These fats increase the risk of various diseases, such as heart disease, and may cause high blood pressure. Moreover, they promote the growth of free radicals, which can damage cells.

Limit Your Intake of Alcohol

Alcohol is often seen as a harmless way of relaxing, but excessive alcohol consumption can negatively affect your body. Alcohol is a diuretic, meaning it can increase the amount of water you expel from your body, leading to dehydration.


Get a Pollution Mask

If you live in a big city, you are likely to run into poor air quality more often than not. Still, you probably can’t avoid going out, even if you want to. In this case, one of the best ways you can protect yourself is by getting a pollution mask. These masks are typically made out of cloth and filter the air, allowing you to breathe in clean air.

To get the best protection, it is recommended to get one with a replaceable filter. Doing this allows you to put in a new filter once your old one is used up and continue using your mask for many years to come.

Reduce Your Exposure to Pollution

One of the best things you can do is simply reduce your exposure to pollution. If you need to go somewhere, try to avoid the moments when pollution levels are highest. For example, if you go to work, you may leave a little earlier when the weather is clear and pollution is minimal.

Monitor the pollution levels in your city and use this information to reduce your exposure to it. Although the pollution will not entirely disappear, there are certain moments throughout the day when it is at its highest, mainly during rush hours and in the evening. Plan your day accordingly, and you will be able to enjoy cleaner air.

Get an Air Purifier

If you want the best protection, you may want to consider getting an air purifier. Air purifiers are small devices installed in your home that use different technologies to cleanse the air by removing particulates, such as dust and pollen. However, they also remove other particulates that endanger your health, such as air pollutants.

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Air purifiers are usually quite expensive, but they can be an excellent investment. The best way to choose an air purifier is to read reviews and make sure to get one with a HEPA filter.

Exercise Regularly

Doing exercises is one of the best ways to keep your body healthy. Studies show that exercising can help you stay fit and reduce the chance of acquiring cardiovascular diseases. Additionally, exercise has been proven to reduce the risk of various cancers and even mental disorders, such as depression.

When it comes to exercising outside, you may want to avoid areas with high pollution levels. However, indoor exercises are just as effective. Plus, they can be much more convenient and let you avoid the issue of bad weather. Consider doing regular exercise sessions at home or in a gym, and reap the health benefits it offers!

Go With Environmentally Friendly Alternatives

Many of our modern conveniences are not environmentally friendly. This is especially true when it comes to vehicles. For example, the average car emits a lot of carbon dioxide into the air, resulting in a negative effect on your and other people’s health.

With this being said, you should consider using more eco-friendly alternatives, such as public transport or carpooling. While doing so won’t solve the issue itself, as you educate others about the problem and encourage them to do their part, you can convince more people to act with the environment in mind and heal our planet in the process.

Final Thoughts

If you live in a polluted city, you need to take steps to protect yourself. Although you may not be able to avoid the pollution entirely, you can improve the situation by planning a detox and following a few tips that will boost your immune system and help you feel better.

Setting a healthier diet, getting an air purifier, and wearing a mask during the rush hours are just some of the things you can do to improve your health. If you live in a highly polluted city, you may want to go above and beyond and start a movement to help clean up the environment. It is up to you to decide how you want to protect yourself, so start implementing these tips and live a healthier life!

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