13 Jun 2020

Coronavirus: What If The Vaccine Or Drugs Don’t Save Us?

The curve of the COVID-19 epidemic has been flattened in many countries around the world,

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10 Jun 2020

Why You Need To Eat Meat To Stay Healthy

Meat has been a part of our diet since the beginning of time, according to

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04 Jun 2020

7 Ways To Improve Your Physical Condition This Summer

Summer is here! That means many of us are hoping to speed up the process

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21 Apr 2020

How To Build Your Professional Reputation

Reputation counts for a huge amount in the medical field. Any healthcare provider needs to

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13 Apr 2020

How Much Do Countries Spend On Their Health Systems?

With almost 2 million confirmed cases globally, the COVID-19 pandemic continues to place a massive

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11 Mar 2020

What Do Smart Cities Mean For Healthcare And Nursing?

Smart cities are cities that are built upon data and automated systems. They have the

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27 Feb 2020

Does Democracy Lead To Better Health?

A released report from V-Dem reveals a rather interesting insight on the global state of

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04 Feb 2020

How Does The Wuhan Coronavirus Cause Severe Illness?

We usually think of viral respiratory infections, like the common cold, as mild nuisances that

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03 Feb 2020

The Simple Reason Why We Are Seeing More New Infectious Diseases Today

One would think that our world, compared to the past centuries where pandemics have killed

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30 Jan 2020

How Contagious Is The Wuhan Coronavirus And Can You Spread It Before Symptoms Start?

Cases of the Wuhan coronavirus have increased dramatically over the past week, prompting concerns about

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29 Jan 2020

The Deadliest Pandemics In Human History

The number of confirmed cases of the Wuhan Coronavirus in China has surpassed that of

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21 Jan 2020

Improving Your Health: Tips from a Fellow Filipino BPO Employee

You may be one of the1.2 million-strong(and counting) BPO employees in the Philippines, working in

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11 Jan 2020

Pollution Kills 8.3 Million People Annually – These 10 Countries Are The Most Affected

Pollution killed 8.3 million in 2017, making it the number one environmental cause of premature

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13 Nov 2019

Plague Was Around For Millennia Before Epidemics Took Hold – And The Way People Lived Might Be What Protected Them

One of civilization’s most prolific killers shadowed humans for thousands of years without their knowledge.

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07 Nov 2019

The Countries Best Prepared To Deal With A Pandemic

Multiple times across history, pandemics killed large proportions of humanity. One of the recent pandemics

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17 Sep 2019

Natural Supplements To Stay Awake All Day Long

Most people experience a bout of drowsiness at some point during the day. For many

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02 Sep 2019

10 Priorities For Health And Wellbeing In Cities

The world is developing fast. As time goes on, we live longer, more urban, and

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23 Jul 2019

How To Get More Out Of Your Day And Become More Proactive

In this day and age, our lifestyles have become extremely different from those of our

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21 Jun 2019

What You Need To Know About Using CBD For Weight Loss And Healthy Living

Up until now, most people have assumed that cannabis only stimulates appetite and that its

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21 Jun 2019

Cannabis Infused Medicines For Pain Management – What Is the Effectiveness & Ability?

CBD is creating headlines every other day as scientists come up with new findings of

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02 Jun 2019

Food Additives That Students Should Not Be Afraid To Consume

People used to preserve food since ancient times. Our ancestors had to use everything available

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13 May 2019

How humans interact with the changing environment is affecting the spread of infectious disease

Some of the world’s most notorious infections – including Lyme disease, rabies, and Ebola come

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30 Apr 2019

The Best Cities To Live When Entering The Medical Field

Health care is needed all over the world, but there are certain cities that are

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04 Apr 2019

Improving Your Diet During Medical Treatment: An Easy Guide

Going through medical treatment, such as chemotherapy, is difficult. It isn’t a one-step process like

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07 Mar 2019

6 Ways CBD Oil Can Help with Stress & Pain Management

Cannabidiol is a versatile supplement and a great anti-inflammatory agent that can help to manage

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08 Jan 2019

Seven Charts That Show The World Is Actually Becoming A Better Place

Swedish academic Hans Rosling has identified a worrying trend: not only do many people across

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25 Oct 2018

Some Reasons Why You Should Have Air Purifiers At Home

It is crucial to get the best air purifier for your house or office if

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10 Oct 2018

One In Three Older Americans Is Lonely. Here’s What Can Help

Loneliness is on the rise in the U.S., and no one is immune. Research published

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04 Oct 2018

Technology Can & Should Be Designed For Emotional Wellness

In an interview at Singularity University’s Exponential Medicine in San Diego, Nichol Bradford, co-founder and executive director of

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10 Sep 2018

Flu Plane: Are We Really Ready For A Global Pandemic?

An Emirates airliner was quarantined at John F Kennedy International Airport on September 5 after several passengers

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03 Sep 2018

Dumber Humans — That’s Just One Effect Of A More Polluted Future

ANOTHER DOWNSIDE. We knew that air pollution damages our physical health. Turns out, it’s also wreaking

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02 Aug 2018

Green Space, Benches, Sidewalks Needed To Create Age-Friendly Cities

For seniors, the benefits of walking are huge. Research shows that regular walking improves balance

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17 Jul 2018

How To Sleep In A City That Never Sleeps: The Art Of Snoozing With The Street Lights On

People moving to urban environments is an ever-growing trend, and it is expected that more

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12 Jul 2018

The Wrong Location Can Offset Health Benefits Of Walking

Exposure to air pollution on city streets is enough to counter the health benefits of

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04 Apr 2018

Our Sterile Homes Might Be Giving Us Seasonal Allergies

It’s not just you. Allergies keep getting worse, and scientists are scrambling to figure out

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03 Apr 2018

Why Eating Healthy Is So Expensive In America

Eating junk food isn’t just about taste — it’s expensive to eat healthy in America.

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28 Mar 2018

Why Can’t Everyone Do The ‘Asian Squat’?

All the way down! Not on your toes! Among the more practical advice that can

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19 Mar 2018

Reasons Why Travelling Is Good For Your Health

Are you keen in finding out ways and means by which you could keep your

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06 Mar 2018

This Ancient Clock Rules Our Lives – And Determines Our Health

Our lives are ruled by time; we use time to tell us what to do.

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05 Mar 2018

Why The World Needs To Get Ready For More People Dying

For decades, lifespans have grown ever longer, delaying the inevitable fact of death. But the

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02 Mar 2018

Planning Our Connection To The Natural Landscape

Have we become too detached from our landscapes and our sense of place within the

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08 Feb 2018

Walkable Cities Reduce Blood Pressure & Hypertension Risk, Study Finds

Research finds significant link between the walkability of a city and the blood pressure and

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05 Jan 2018

Top 10 Cities In U.S. To Get Fit And Healthy In 2018

The most popular New Year’s resolution for 2017 was to get healthy, according to data from Twitter.

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05 Dec 2017

When We Harm The Environment, We’re Hurting Our Health

Our planet’s resources find themselves in a precarious situation. The very ideals and strengths that

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28 Nov 2017

Does Working More Hours Lead To A Healthier Economy?

“How do we increase our productivity?” This is a question that many businesses and individuals

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07 Nov 2017

Who Wins When A City Gets Smart?

Last year, Columbus, Ohio, won a $50 million grant for high-tech transportation innovation, with a

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05 Jul 2016

Who Ever Said Playgrounds Are Just For The Young?

Cities around the world have been designing outdoor gyms and play areas for older generations

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11 May 2016

How To Actually Make Parks Actively Liveable

Parks are central to the concept of liveable cities. They are an important public resource

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29 Apr 2016

As More Of Asia Prospers, Obesity Becomes A Weighty Deal

Extra body weight has long been associated with wealth, as evident from Renaissance art to

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