Why Good Food Isn’t Enough: Enhancing CX in Food and Beverage

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In an increasingly data-driven and visually oriented consumer world, food and beverage (F&B) brands are leveraging new trends and innovations to enhance Customer Experience (CX). The way customers interact with brands is changing. Digital platforms are a key force in changing CX dynamics as they create more touchpoints. This omnichannel approach leads to new business models like food delivery apps and ghost restaurants. Both of these have altered and extended CX journeys in the food service sector. Convenience, low cost, and a diverse range of payment options are shaping these platforms, as well as CX considerations. How companies tap into these emerging trends and deliver their products will determine their future success.


Reimagining CX for sustainability

Sustainability and supply chain transparency are increasingly important to today’s consumers, as they become more educated about food production systems. In the past five years, the number of vegans in the UK has quadrupled due to increasing ethical concerns surrounding the meat industry and its environmental impact.

Companies today face a tricky challenge: meeting consumer demand for sustainable practices and delivering them conveniently by harnessing technology. But sustainability and tech aren’t mutually exclusive. Businesses can use innovative technologies, like AI, to inform and encourage customers to make environmentally friendly choices without sacrificing CX. The key is to have a clear ESG vision and be creative with the right tech.

Improving the CX through data mining

Information is power; whoever has the richest data can lead the market. Data is a major consideration when deciding on an F&B brand strategy, as it provides a competitive edge in personalising the customer experience. How? By allowing you to deliver personalisation, predict trends, resolve issues, and leverage the latest tools and technology.

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Diversified payment options drive CX

The F&B industry is adjusting to a “new normal” by finding a balance between what worked in lockdown and in-person experiences. The quest for CX harmony extends to payment methods. New tech integrations like Apple and Google Pay, and one-click mobile loyalty subscriptions are carving out new customer experiences. No need for plastic cards or individual apps—the loyalty card goes straight to the customer’s digital wallet.

Scan & Pay provides another example of payment tech directing CX. Customers can skip checkout and pay by scanning a QR code to log in to the store and then scan the item barcode. 

However, to fully enhance the customer experience, an integrated omnichannel solution is needed to connect customers’ online and in-store orders. Once integrated, it’ll ensure a richer CX with tokenised payments and features like reward cards seamlessly linked to customer accounts across all platforms. With this, businesses can create an effortlessly memorable and satisfying CX: one that brings people back.

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By: Dan Martensson (VP Marketing & eCommerce Business Development, Merchant Services at Worldline)
Originally published at: Worldline

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