3 Kitchen Hacks To Save You Time (And Money!)

The kitchen is the heartbeat of our homes and it is where we tend to spend a huge amount of our time. Whether preparing meals, doing the washing up, eating meals, or having a gossip over a cup of coffee, the kitchen is both functional and a great place for socializing. For many of us, however, preparing and cooking meals, washing dishes and cleaning the kitchen are tiresome chores that we would really rather not have to do. Not everyone is an enthusiastic home chef or a diligent house cleaner. For these people, any little help they can get in order to reduce the time spent in their kitchen is a gift from heaven.

To help, this article will explain 3 kitchen hacks to save you time (and money!)

1. Use an Instant Pot For Meals

In recent decades there has been a surge in the number of different types of cooking equipment that are available. From easy to clean fat-reducing grills to ice cream and smoothie makers, the modern kitchen has it all. One of the most useful pieces of cooking equipment that can help to reduce the amount of time you spend preparing your meals is an instant pot.

Instant pots are specialized, multifunctional pressure cookers which enable you to cook with minimal effort. There are so many easy meals available to you when using your instant pot, from curries to casseroles and even baked food like gluten free bread. The great thing about instant pots is you just throw all the ingredients in, leave them for a set amount of time, and come back when your meal is perfectly cooked. You can save a lot of money using an instant pot, because not only do you not need additional pots, pans and other equipment, but you can also use cheaper meat and produce. Because the food is cooked slowly in an instant pot, cheap cuts of meat will remain tender and delicious whereas if you cooked them in a pan or on the grill they would be tough.

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2. Poach Eggs In Cling Film

Eggs are an incredibly delicious and versatile food that can be prepared in so many different ways. Many people’s favourite way to cook eggs is to poach them but unfortunately this popular method is also one of the most difficult. Even professional chefs can have trouble keeping the whites wrapped around the yolk during the poaching process and so end up using extra eggs which cost money. It is really important to only use the freshest eggs and make sure that the water is just bubbling and not on a rolling boil.

One really great hack for cooking perfect poached eggs every time is to poach them in cling film. Line a small bowl or teacup with cling film and then crack an egg into the bowl. Twist the edges of the cling film together so you create a waterproof cling film sack with the egg inside. You can then just pop as many of these little sacks into your water to poach as you like. After two minutes, scoop the sacks out and cut them open to release your perfectly poached eggs.

3. Let Your Microwave Clean Itself

Nobody likes cleaning and the kitchen in particular can be a really grubby room, as bits of old food can hide in nooks and crannies and go bad quickly. One of the nastiest cleaning jobs is the microwave as without regular cleaning it can be caked in old food. This can take a lot of time and effort to clean and you will need to use a lot of expensive cleaning products.

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One really easy method for cleaning the microwave quickly is to place a cup of water and apple cider vinegar in your microwave and turn it on for about two minutes. The water will evaporate and the moisture will soften all of the dried food that is stuck to the inside of your microwave. When the two minutes are up, all you will need to do is use a warm wet cloth to wipe all the food away. Excess dried food can damage your microwave and require you to buy a replacement so if you want to save yourself from this expenditure then it is vital to clean your microwave regularly.

Everybody wants to make their life in the kitchen easier and there are so many great hacks which can save you time and effort. Try the tips in this guide and they can make a big difference in your life.

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