We cannot even agree on dates…

State of the Word, circa 2023 03 16 or March 13, 2023 or 16 Mar 2023 or …

Three years in, three years rarely won and mostly lost, the world feels worse than ever. Facing a singular crisis allowed the world to rally towards a common enemy and a common existential prerogative despite a minority of dissidents, here and there, now and then. But from everyday lives to domestic and foreign political economy, business, and society, we have fragmented towards a seemingly ever-growing addiction to polycrisis that overlaps and/or amplifies the detriment of each in isolation.

Back to the mundane: Work-from-home debates still rage on; wars of all sorts rage on; economic stagnation and uncertainty rage on; political strife and idiocy rages on; rich getting richer rages on; poor getting poorer rages on; some saying the world has been way better of historic rages; a lot saying everyday is doom rages on; artificial intelligence reduced to solving laziness and lack of perspective and creativity rages on; and rage, rage, and rage.

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