12 Jun 2020

One Year After The Hong Kong Protests – What Now?

A year since the Hong Kong protests began, what has changed and what lies ahead? 

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06 Jun 2020

Explainer: China’s National Security Law For Hong Kong And Why It Matters

Here’s how China’s national security bill law for Hong Kong can affect the financial hub.

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11 May 2020

These Are The World’s Top Military Spenders

What would happen if instead the military budget was used to finance our healthcare system? 

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05 May 2020

The Mysterious Disappearance Of The First SARS Virus, And Why We Need A Vaccine For The Current One But Didn’t For The Other

Some people question why the current coronavirus has brought the world to standstill while a

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26 Feb 2020

Coronavirus: We Need To Start Preparing For The Next Viral Outbreak Now

The coronavirus outbreak is officially a crisis – let’s not waste it. Undeniably, the international

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20 Feb 2020

Coronavirus: Are We Heading For A Global Recession?

If the deaths caused by the recent COVID-19 outbreak aren’t already enough, there are escalating

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15 Feb 2020

Coronavirus: The Blow To The Chinese Economy Could Be Felt For Years

Investors are still being fairly complacent about the novel coronavirus. After the number of new

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10 Feb 2020

As China Suffers From Coronavirus, Some Wonder: Is It Really That Serious?

The coronavirus outbreak continues to worsen in China. The Chinese government has announced even stricter

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03 Feb 2020

Wuhan, The Coronavirus And The World: Thinking Beyond Isolation

Public fear seems inevitable given the alarming updates on the coronavirus outbreak, and isolation —

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27 Jan 2020

What The Latest Coronavirus Tells Us About Emerging New Infections

Viruses are quick studies. They’re prolific at adapting to new environments and infecting new hosts.

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24 Jan 2020

Should We Be Worried About The New Wuhan Coronavirus?

The World Health Organisation has postponed its decision about whether to classify the new Wuhan

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11 Jan 2020

Pollution Kills 8.3 Million People Annually – These 10 Countries Are The Most Affected

Pollution killed 8.3 million in 2017, making it the number one environmental cause of premature

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10 Jan 2020

The Largest Military Forces In The World

China boasts the largest military in the world in terms of available active military manpower,

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29 Oct 2019

Hong Kong Protesters Shouldn’t Pin Hopes On Outsiders To Solve Their Impasse With Beijing

The decision by the US House of Representatives to pass legislation tightening up the scrutiny

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28 Oct 2019

Hong Kong Protests And Brexit Could Both End Up Benefiting Financial Elites

Protests in Hong Kong have captured the world’s attention in recent weeks, with demonstrators closing

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10 Oct 2019

Hong Kong Is One Of The Most Unequal Cities In The World. So Why Aren’t The Protesters Angry At The Rich And Powerful?

There have been many explanations for the turmoil in Hong Kong, with protests still ongoing.

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04 Oct 2019

The History Of The People’s Republic Of China – Through 70 Years Of Mass Parades

Traditionally in China, 70 is an auspicious number. A person who reaches 70 is considered

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30 Aug 2019

Like ‘Shooting Water’: Why The Hong Kong Government Must Accept That Compromise Is The Only Way Forward

The Hong Kong protest movement is not deescalating – nor will it. Having battled for

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27 Aug 2019

Tech Is Fueling The Hong Kong Movement. Here’s How, And Why It’s A Huge Step For Freedom

Over the past two months, Hong Kong has roared into global headlines. Its seven million

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24 Aug 2019

‘We Die Together’: Hong Kong Protests Are Being Driven By A Fearless Young Generation

As the protests in Hong Kong continue, it’s not uncommon to see teenagers dressed in

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16 Aug 2019

Beijing Is Moving To Stamp Out The Hong Kong Protests – But It May Have Already Lost The City For Good

Since the start of mass demonstrations in Hong Kong in early June, there has been

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15 Aug 2019

Hong Kong Protests: History Lessons For Beijing From British Colonial Era Uprising

Beijing has made no secret that it is weighing up the option of using force

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13 Aug 2019

Hong Kong: Why The ‘One Country, Two Systems’ Model Is On Its Last Legs

Protest organisers in Hong Kong claim that nearly two million people, most clad in black

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12 Aug 2019

Hong Kong’s Mass Protests: An Explainer

The Hong Kong mass protests made it past the eight-week mark and it has been

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29 Jul 2019

Globalization And The Enchantment Of The World

What does the term “globalization” mean? Is it a strictly economic phenomenon or does it

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24 Jul 2019

China And The World: Inside The Dynamics Of A Changing Relationship

China is currently one of the world’s most powerful economies. Now touted as the world’s

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11 Jul 2019

Missions To The Moon

Since Neil Armstrong’s first landing, other countries have since sent their own missions to explore

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04 Jul 2019

Winners And Losers In The US-China Trade War

Donald Trump’s presidency has been marked by a rise in protectionism. His “America First” policy

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12 Jun 2019

As more developing countries reject plastic waste exports, wealthy nations seek solutions at home

Less than two years after China banned most imports of scrap material from abroad, many

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08 Jun 2019

US-China Trade War: Impact On Tech Companies

The ongoing US-China trade war is turning out to be really ugly for tech companies.

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06 Jun 2019

Trade War: What Is It & How Are We Affected?

A trade war is more than just getting companies like Huawei banned. Initiating a trade

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04 Jun 2019

From China To Poland, Lessons From June 4, 1989

On the same day Poles celebrated the freedom to choose their own representatives, China’s political

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03 Jun 2019

Why Remember The Past? The Case Of Tiananmen

Most people know from daily experience that memories are vital for their sense of well-being.

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11 May 2019

JingDong is a True Leader in Sustainability

Over the past decade, the infrastructure of retail has entirely changed as a result of

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04 May 2019

China’s Belt & Road Initiative: A Quick Explainer

Leaders from different parts of the world convened in the Second Belt and Road Forum

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30 Apr 2019

How Gen Z Is Changing The Future Of Shopping

Technology continues to permeate the way we live. Along with this, we have a generation

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01 Apr 2019

How Single Women Are Driving Gentrification In Hong Kong And Elsewhere

Gentrification is reshaping urban areas all around the world, displacing large segments of the population

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22 Nov 2018

These Are The 8 Major Forces Shaping The Future Of The Global Economy

The world is changing faster than ever before. With billions of people hyper-connected to each

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15 Aug 2018

World Poverty Has Plummeted—But Will It Ever Disappear?

Few will deny that the past few years have been rough. But believe it or

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22 Jun 2018

We Need A New International Order. Here’s Why

Few global issues have taken on more current importance than the future of the postwar,

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15 Jun 2018

Trade Wars, Explained

The “weapons” in a trade war are everywhere. It’s the food you eat, the train

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05 Jun 2018

New Zealand’s Pacific Reset : Strategic Anxieties About Rising China

China’s expanding influence is complicating strategic calculations throughout the Asia-Pacific region. Small states, dependent on

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14 May 2018

Countries Must Compete For Migrant Workers To Boost Their Economies

Politicians and the media expend inordinate amounts of energy debating migration, often using nativist, populist

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23 Apr 2018

What We Can Expect From China’s Economy In 2018

In 2017, we saw the consolidation of China’s power and influence globally, and of Communist

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20 Apr 2018

Singapore’s Prime Minister : Nobody Wants A Trade War

Trade friction between China and the United States has been brewing for some time. But

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20 Apr 2018

The Rise Of The Rest (Of The World)

American cities still have the edge when it comes to high-tech startups and venture capital,

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27 Mar 2018

The 100 Million City : Is 21st Century Urbanisation Out Of Control?

Projections suggest cities will swell at an astonishing pace – but whether that means our

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01 Mar 2018

With All Eyes On China, Singapore Makes Its Own Arctic Moves

Asian states are becoming increasingly interested and involved in the Arctic region. This signal was

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15 Feb 2018

Could These Predictions Of The Future Actually Come True?

A blind mystic who many claim predicted 9/11, the rise of ISIS, the Boxing Day

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