07 Oct 2019

The Future Of Urban Consumption In A 1.5°C World

In order to maintain a climate-safe future,  the world needs to stay within the established

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26 Apr 2016

Is A 100-Year Global Record Enough To Convince Naysayers?

Average global temperature was 1.07C hotter – beating last month’s previous record increase. The global

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03 Dec 2015

Looking For Fresh City Air? Discover Here Where Not To Be.

Outdoor air pollution kills 3.3 million people, mostly in cities, every year. That’s more than

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02 Dec 2015

Why Cities And Cars Are Soon To Get A Divorce

Last month, Oslo became the first major city to announce ambitions to go car-free by

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30 Sep 2015

How NYC Will Cut A Million Tons Of Emissions From City Buildings

Mayor Bill de Blasio will announced a multi-faceted plan to speed progress in the city’s

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24 Sep 2015

How Climate-Smart Cities Could Save The World

Green buildings and better infrastructure would not only spur economic growth but also cut carbon

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