05 Dec 2019

Is Your Business Technology Prepared For The New Year?

New year, new business: or at least, that should be your mantra. While the official

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23 Jun 2019

How Microsoft Dynamics 365 Worked For Business Enterprise

Microsoft has recently announced use Dynamics 365  latest edition which comes in the form of

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23 Jan 2019

PDF vs Microsoft Office: Pros & Cons

The PDF format is the golden standard for documents, bank statements, business reports and much

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25 Jul 2018

Video And Book Resources For Microsoft 70-473 Certification Exam

The Microsoft 70-473 certification exam is one of two Microsoft Azure tests that are required

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27 Nov 2017

It’s About To Get Way, Way Easier To Put AI Everywhere

Google has a vision for a world full of cheap and tiny smart devices—and it

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21 Mar 2016

Cloud Computing Which Was Never Really In The Sky, Goes Underwater

The ocean’s cooling properties and energy potential led Microsoft to run a cloud center there

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07 Jan 2016

8 Technology Predictions To Watch Out For In 2016

The technology predictions for the year ahead, including drones, robots, driverless cars and virtual reality.  

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23 Nov 2015

Microsoft + Urban Agriculture = An Amazing Harmony

There’s a quiet, green revolution growing in the middle of Microsoft’s Café 34. Under plasma

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08 Oct 2015

How Microsoft Is Making a Comeback In Hardware, Watch Out Apple

Microsoft is betting big on a premium laptop that rivals Apple’s MacBook Pro and turns

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11 Jun 2015

Pioneering Enterprise Network Telephony In Adelaide City

Pioneering enterprise network telephony helps metropolitan council reduce costs by 75 percent and deliver anywhere,

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