11 May 2016

How To Actually Make Parks Actively Liveable

Parks are central to the concept of liveable cities. They are an important public resource

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29 Apr 2016

As More Of Asia Prospers, Obesity Becomes A Weighty Deal

Extra body weight has long been associated with wealth, as evident from Renaissance art to

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15 Jan 2016

How Cities And Obesity Are Intertwined

In a city like Lausanne, Switzerland, urban planning could be both a cause of and

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05 Nov 2015

The Fattest States In America In 2015

“Fat” may be the new normal in America. Drawing on data from the Centers for

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11 May 2015

Declining Walkability Plays Big Role In China’s Obesity Problem

But it’s the middle class, not the poor who may pay the biggest price.  

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03 Feb 2015

Rethinking Our Cities To Fight Obesity

Using urban planning to help fight obesity by putting people on a design-based diet that

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