The World’s Richest People in 2023

Bernard Arnault (74) has been named the world’s richest man of 2023 with an estimated fortune of $211 billion, according to Forbes’ 37th annual billionaires list, released Tuesday. Arnault is the head of the luxury goods giant LVMH, which includes the likes of Louis Vuitton and Dior, and the first Frenchman to top the world ranking after having moved up from third place last year.

Next in line, comes Elon Musk with $180 billion in wealth. The 51-year-old has so far co-founded six companies, from the electric car manufacturer Tesla to the rocket maker SpaceX and also owns Twitter. He is followed in third place by Jeff Bezos (59), the founder of e-commerce giant Amazon, who has racked up some $114 billion worth of wealth, down from a peak of $177 billion in 2021. Bezos stepped down from his role as CEO of Amazon in 2021 to become an executive chairman.

Larry Ellison (78) of Oracle, Warren Buffett (92) of Berkshire Hathaway, Bill Gates (67) of Microsoft, Michael Bloomberg (81) of Bloomberg LP and Carlos Slim Helú (83) of América Móvil, complete the top eight roundup of most wealthy people in the world. While in ninth and tenth place comes India’s richest man and chairman of Reliance Industries Mukesh Ambani (65), followed by U.S. Steve Ballmer (67), the former CEO of Microsoft.

This chart is based on Forbes’ calculations using net worths based on stock prices and exchange rates from March 10, 2023.


Source: Statista

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