16 Dec 2019

A Vision For A Sustainable Battery Value Chain In 2030

The development of the battery value chain is of great interest since it has significant

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09 Apr 2019

Power And Powerlessness In Global Cities

How does today’s globalization transform our perceptions of urban inequality and how do we respond

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23 Aug 2018

Neil deGrasse Tyson: We Can Use Hurricanes To Power The Cities Of Tomorrow

Astrophysicist Neil DeGrasse Tyson is tired of how people deal with hurricanes and wants scientists

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02 Aug 2018

If Energy Becomes Free In The Future, How Will That Affect Our Lives?

Technology is making the cost of many things trend towards zero. Things we used to

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22 Jun 2018

We Need A New International Order. Here’s Why

Few global issues have taken on more current importance than the future of the postwar,

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15 Jun 2018

The World’s Biggest Sources Of Renewable Energy

In the last few decades, we have come to realise the potentially devastating impact of

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08 Mar 2018

The World’s Most Powerful Women 2017

Forbes has published its annual list of the world’s 100 most powerful women. German Chancellor

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02 Jul 2015

How Solar Panels That Faces Up Can Doubly Provide Shade

South Korea has created a PV-covered bike lane connecting Sejong and Daejeon which offers a

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25 May 2015

Batteries And Renewable Energy Set To Grow Together

POMONA, Calif. — The future of American energy, according to one widely held view, will

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16 Apr 2015

A Most Taken For Granted Proof Of Freedom, Or Lack Of

A passport is a simple paper booklet yet it represents power, privilege, and opportunities for the

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