19 Aug 2019

Surprise! Digital Space Isn’t Replacing Public Space, And Might Even Help Make It Better

You’re on the train on your daily commute, head bowed, peering at your phone. A

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06 Jun 2017

Living Off The Edge In A City Mall Where Design Fuels Conflict

There are few more telling signs of conflict in urban spaces than calls to send

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13 Mar 2017

Beaches Of Relaxation Turn Into Beaches Of Frustration

Picture this. It’s a beautiful sunny day. You arrive on the beach, find yourself a

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08 Jun 2016

When Public Spaces Becomes Owned By Private Hands

Recently, San Francisco’s parks department tested a policy which allowed groups to pay to reserve

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07 Jun 2016

Public Space Design In The US Through 174 Parks In 25 Cities

Evidence continues to accumulate that parks contribute to greater public health, but for whom? One

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11 May 2016

How To Actually Make Parks Actively Liveable

Parks are central to the concept of liveable cities. They are an important public resource

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07 Jan 2016

How To Turn Bland Infra To Something Beautifully Good

Infrastructure can be wielded as a means of promoting the common good or as an

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04 May 2015

Walkonomics And The High Line Effect

  Investing in walkable public spaces should be a no-brainer; they can be a catalyst

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