05 Jun 2020

The Benefits Of Living In A Small Town

The benefits of a large city or the advantages of a small town? This comparison

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04 Mar 2020

The US Cities Where Apartment Rents Are Rising The Fastest

Settling in a new city cannot be complete without a new apartment. A lot of

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21 Nov 2019

The Cheapest Cities To Rent An Apartment In The U.S.

Rent is one of the major expenses that we have to spend each month. It

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26 Aug 2019

The Cities With The Highest Cost Of Rent 2019

Need to move out and rent a place? These cities have some of the most

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14 Jan 2019

The Cost Of Housing Is Tearing Our Society Apart

For the better part of a century, home ownership has been the foundation of the

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10 Jan 2019

Why More Young Adults Live With Their Parents

Economic tumult in the early 2000s persuaded many young people to keep living with their

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24 Jul 2018

Top Finance Apps For City Slickers

2018 is the year of the worker and in New York City, workers have seen a

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10 Oct 2016

The ‘Airbnb Effect’: Is It Real, And What Is It Doing To A City Like Amsterdam?

In the Dutch capital, Airbnb has been accused of driving up property prices and disrupting

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20 Apr 2015

James A. White Sr. : The Little Problem I Had Renting A House

Fifty-three years ago, James A. White Sr. joined the US Air Force. But as an

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