06 Mar 2020

The 100 Most Solar Cities In America

45 of the 57 largest cities in the United States doubled in solar capacity over

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08 Nov 2019

How To Use Renewable Energy In Your Home

Not only can renewable energy have a positive effect on the environment, it can also

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17 May 2018

This “Duck Curve” Is Solar Energy’s Greatest Challenge

Electricity is very difficult to store. But most consumers use it in a very predictable

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12 Apr 2017

The World’s Greenest City Out Of Dreams, Oil, Pearls, And Sand.

A decade ago Dubai had one of the largest ecological footprints of any city in

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06 Aug 2016

The First Solar-Powered Town Will Come From Down Under

The push to go green is in full swing. This steadily increasing trend has pushed

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15 Mar 2016

Roofs Not The Only Place For Solar Panels, Try Floating Them As In London

Five years in planning and due to be finished in early March, more than 23,000

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29 Dec 2015

How Chile’s Solar Ambition Begins Sky High

Towering 200 metres above the desert, the Atacama 1 will harvest the sun’s energy from

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17 Dec 2015

How To Pioneer Efficient And Sustainable Community Living

For most of human history, we’ve lived in groups a lot larger than our family

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11 Nov 2015

How To Charge Your Gadgets (& Self) With One Appliance

Workers and visitors to London’s Canary Wharf will be the world’s first to enjoy the

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09 Nov 2015

The Surprising Places Where Solar Is Rising

Golf courses, landfills, and parka pockets become unlikely power sources with the advent of smarter

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21 Oct 2015

The Top 20 Cities Embracing Solar Energy

While giant new solar farms located in rural areas and deserts have been grabbing the

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31 Jul 2015

Australia’s Queensland Set To Become Sunnier With Largest Solar Farm

A sea of glass panels may soon be sprawling across a paddock in Queensland’s Darling

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02 Jul 2015

How Solar Panels That Faces Up Can Doubly Provide Shade

South Korea has created a PV-covered bike lane connecting Sejong and Daejeon which offers a

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25 May 2015

Batteries And Renewable Energy Set To Grow Together

POMONA, Calif. — The future of American energy, according to one widely held view, will

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