Paddling the Potomac River


Photograph by Richard Nowitz

Enjoying a quiet moment, two people paddle on the Potomac River under the Key Bridge.


Jogger on Steps of the Lincoln Memorial


Photograph by Dan Westergren

At sunrise, a jogger reaches the top of the 56 steps of the Lincoln Memorial.


National World War II Memorial


Photograph by Brendan Smialowski/Getty Images

The National World War II Memorial on the National Mall attracts tourists and veterans alike.


Classic Carousel


Photograph by Theo Westenberger

For Washington insiders of all ages, the Mall’s classic carousel is the place to unwind.


Albert Einstein Memorial


Photograph by Theo Westenberger

Kids love to climb the Albert Einstein Memorial at the National Academy of Sciences.


Spring Cherry Blossoms


Photograph by Alex Wong/Getty Images

Every spring, cherry blossoms transform much of the city into a blanket of pink.


Marble Fountain at Dupont Circle


Photograph by Theo Westenberger

The marble fountain at Dupont Circle, dedicated in 1921, is a popular gathering spot.


Red Panda at the National Zoo


Photograph by Jim Young/Reuters

A young visitor gets a closer look at a red panda on the National Zoo’s Asia Trail.


White House Segway Tour


Photograph by Alex Wong/Getty Images

Who needs tour buses? Rented Segways take tourists to attractions such as the White House.


Dancers at Smithsonian Museum of the American Indian


Photograph by Alex Wong/Getty Images

Native American dancers perform at the Smithsonian National Museum of the American Indian.


This feature is adopted from National Geographic.

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