The Future Of Transport At Frankfurt, Also The Future Of Cities

This year’s Frankfurt auto show is full of conceptual shocks and protoype surprises from the outlandish Bugatti Gran Turismo concept to the ingenious Mercedes IAA.


1. The Concept Bugatti Vision Gran Turismo


At first glance, this may be little more than a physical recreation of a digital car developed for a video game, but on closer inspection, the Gran Turismo Bugatti gives the strongest clues yet as to what to expect aesthetically from the Chiron, the hypercar the company is currently developing to replace the outgoing Veyron.



2. The Citroen Cactus M Concept


As big on fun as it is on ideas, the Cactus M Concept is meant to evoke memoires of the equally entertaining Mehari 4×4 from the 1970s and 80s but in bang up-to-date fashion. So for instance it has no rear doors – passengers climb into their seats. The roof’s inflatable, the seats are waterproof and fold down into a bed and there’s even an optional tent.



3. The Honda Project 2&4 Concept


Honda has said that its concept, which combines the best its motorcycle and car arms have to offer in the pursuit of a perfect track-day vehicle will be going into production. The 2&4 uses the 999cc engine in the company’s latest MotoGP bike and technology and know-how from Formula 1 to offer a driving experience that is definitely unique.

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4. Mercedes-Benz Concept IAA

Mercedes-Benz “Concept IAA” (Intelligent Aerodynamic Automobile)

The Mercedes show car is half luxury four-seat coupé and half Transformer. As the car accelerates it literally changes shape to improve aerodynamics getting longer and sleeker in the process. At top speed, the car has the same drag coefficient as a classic Formula One racing car.

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5. The Nissan Gripz Concept


Nissan never tires of pointing out the instrumental role it has played in ushering in the age of the crossover and its Frankfurt show car shows that the company is now planning to bring speed as well as practicality to the segment. The Gripz concept is expected to be developed into a new Z-badged sports and rally car and if it keeps the outlandish looks, it will be incredible.



6. The Porsche Mission E Concept Car


Porsche’s show car is also the show-stealer and the first proof that mainstream automotive companies are finally taking electric motors seriously. The company will be using the Mission E as the basis of a full-scale production model by 2018 and if the real-world version is as good as the concept, it will be able to travel over 500km on a single charge and offer the same sort of performance one expects from a petrol-powered Porsche 911 Turbo.




7. Seat Leon SC Cross Sport Concept


Seat is one of the few mainstream brands without a crossover or SUV in its model lineup but that is about to change. However, how quickly is down to the public. This crossover based on the Leon will be greenlit for production, only if the social media buzz it generates is sufficient. So, if you fancy a Seat with four-wheel drive, get tweeting.



8. The Thunder Power EV Concept


As well as a wonderful name, this battery-powered prototype promises miraculous range – some 600km on a single charge and performance levels that would put it on a par with the Tesla Model S. Developed by a Taiwanese tool company the project is backed by ex Bugatti and Ford employees and is aiming for a real-world debut within the next two years.

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This feature originally appeared in IBNLive.



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