Gardens Of Sharing In Denver’s Less Fortunate

Sharing your produce means good health for everyone! Wikimedia Commons Public Domain
Sharing your produce means good health for everyone!
Wikimedia Commons Public Domain

Gardeners in Denver often look to help the homeless and less fortunate. There are several ways for them to share their gardens. Why not try one of these ideas? Less fortunate individuals will appreciate fresh garden vegetables to supplement their diet.

One way for Denver gardeners to share their garden with the homeless is by planting an extra row. Those with ample garden space can plant an extra row of each vegetable to share with the less fortunate. There are several ways to distribute this bounty to the homeless.




Produce from the garden can be donated to local food banks. Food from food banks generally consists of boxed and canned perishables. Certainly, fresh produce would be a welcome addition.

Denver homeless shelters can point gardeners in the right direction for sharing their harvested produce. Give them a call. Set up a time to drop off food if permitted. A drive to local shelters with a few bushels of excess vegetables would be a charitable endeavor.

Denver gardeners might occasionally drive past a homeless person with a cardboard sign, asking for help. It’s difficult to know whether these people are less fortunate or just making a living out of begging to avoid work. Most are likely in need.


Unfortunately, there are always those who give others a bad name.

“Sharing food from the garden, rather than cash, is one way to be sure you’re not supporting a drug habit or lining the pockets of someone who doesn’t actually need your help.”

Needy families might enjoy the opportunity to share your Denver garden in another way. Denver gardeners with garden space to share might consider giving a less fortunate family some of that space to grow their own vegetables. Contact local charity groups to find a struggling family.

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Sharing gardening space is a great way for Denver gardeners to reach out to less fortunate friends and neighbours too. Do you have more produce than you can use at harvest time? Why not give that produce to a family in your own Denver neighbourhood who are down on their luck? Or you could offer them a grow space. Who knows? You may be in need yourself one day.


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