16 Jun 2020

How Can Urban Farming Feed The World?

The infusion of data, automation, and agriculture may be the solution to global food security.

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21 Feb 2020

Sustainable Consumption Is More Than Just Eating Local, It Is A Matter Of Diet Change

Eating local is a piece of common advice to consumers in order for them to

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13 Feb 2020

What Is The Future Of Food?

The demand for food will require an increase of the global food production of at

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23 Dec 2019

The Paralyzing Link Between Climate Change And Land Use

A recently released International Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) special report reveals that an estimate

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24 Apr 2019

Redefining Agriculture With IoT-Based Monitoring

Internet of Things (IoT) is a network of objects which can directly exchange data with

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23 Apr 2019

Urban Farming Produces More Than Food: Social Networks Are A Key Spinoff

Urban agriculture, the cultivation of crops and animals in an urban environment, is known to

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08 Apr 2019

Three Ways Cities Can Help Feed The World, Without Costing The Earth

Climate change is underway, and human activities such as urbanisation, industrialisation and food production are

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29 Oct 2018

World Hunger Has Risen For Three Straight Years, And Climate Change Is A Cause

World hunger has risen for a third consecutive year, according to the United Nations’ annual

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03 Oct 2018

Rooftop Farming: Why Vertical Gardening Is Blooming In Kampala

Ugandans are finding creative solutions to the growing challenges of urbanisation. When Martin Agaba realised

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22 Mar 2018

Empty Half The Earth Of Its Humans. It’s The Only Way To Save The Planet

There are now twice as many people as 50 years ago. But, as EO Wilson

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05 Mar 2018

Norway Will Spend $13 Million To Upgrade Its Doomsday Seed Vault

Norway will spend 100 million Norwegian Crowns ($12.7 million) to upgrade the doomsday seed vault it built

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08 Jul 2017

Why Urban Farms Still Need Their Wild Side

The beginning of agriculture changed human history and has fascinated scholars for centuries. Yet it’s hard to

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05 May 2017

When Cheap Housing Becomes A Cause For Crisis In The US

This is a problem that transcends the rural-urban divide. The affordable housing crisis has spared

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06 Apr 2017

How The World’s First Cities Got Started

A 12,000-year-old “Stonehenge on steroids” transformed nomadic humans into members of complex societies. When the

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01 Mar 2017

How Urban Farming Helps City Folk Get Back To Their Roots

Along with fresh fruit and vegetables, city farms are providing communities with jobs, start-up programs,

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20 Feb 2017

The Top 5 US States Who Gives A Damn About Our Planet

Across the nation, Americans are going green – and they’re heading online for more information.

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29 Nov 2016

Why These 10 Cities Are Best For Growing Food

Homes in these cities have the most gardens, greenhouses and chicken coops. With continued awareness

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08 Jul 2016

America’s Top 10 Secret Wine Regions

We all know Napa Valley and Sonoma, but these are places you’d never suspect to

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16 Jun 2016

In Singapore, Coffee Waste Disaster Turned Good Common Sense

Sustainability is a big word to reckon with. The impact of human greed and insatiable

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08 Jun 2016

Africa: Grow Your Lands, Grow Prosperity

The recovery and acceleration of economic growth in sub-Saharan Africa since about 1995 has been

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08 Jun 2016

Aussie’s 2016 Election Has Different Tone & Priority Than USA’s

Rural and regional Australia is a big place. That’s obvious enough. Still, it’s easy to

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04 May 2016

The Desert Of Despair As Nurtured By Inspired Guerrilla Gardening

Ron Finley, who has long lived in the food deserts of South Central Los Angeles,

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03 May 2016

Can Australia’s Climate Change Mission Be Saved With Farming?

Australia’s agricultural lands help to feed about 60 million people worldwide, and also support tens of

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18 Mar 2016

Wow! Crops Can Surely Grow On Moon & Mars!

When and if colonists ever arrive on Mars, they’re going to need something to eat

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10 Mar 2016

Why Farming Should Return Back To (Pre)school

A group of architects proposed a new design to help raise environmentally responsible kids. Under

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09 Mar 2016

Good Thing Farms Are So Feminine! Atta Girl!

Back in February, like millions of Americans, Marji Guyler-Alaniz swelled with emotion in the aftermath

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08 Mar 2016

Urban Farms : The New Frontier For Female Farmers

Vanessa Hanel is a twenty-nine year old female farmer living in the heart of grain-and-cattle

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04 Mar 2016

Fresh Food On-the-Go: Introducing Bus-Stop Farmers Markets

Farmers markets and upscale food boutiques abound in the bourgeoisie neighborhoods of North America today.

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27 Feb 2016

Grow Your Own : Making Australian Cities More Food-Secure

Food security has typically been framed as an issue of global concern, concentrated within developing

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23 Feb 2016

Food Waste Is A Shame! A Huge Shame! Good Thing We Have These 12.

We all heard our mothers say it when we were young, “Don’t waste your food,”

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23 Feb 2016

Vast Rooftop Project For A Little Idea In Greening Gotham

A 60,000-square-foot rooftop greenhouse that will produce more than 500 tons of fresh vegetables a year

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22 Feb 2016

Cities Must Help Produce More Food

If the world is going to feed its growing and increasingly urban population in the

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10 Feb 2016

Why Do We Keep Ignoring That Which Feeds Us?

By embracing the latest advances in connectivity, farms are reaping big benefits. What’s needed more

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06 Feb 2016

Gardens Of Sharing In Denver’s Less Fortunate

Gardeners in Denver often look to help the homeless and less fortunate. There are several

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05 Feb 2016

And Cool, Intelligent Farms, Right Under Our Feet …

The “world’s first underground urban farm” is set to start selling herbs and salads grown

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05 Feb 2016

Expansive Farm, High Up In The Sky …

The US city of Louisville, KY, is set to become home to a major new

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03 Feb 2016

A Solution To Youth Unemployment Path In Africa & The World

Today’s Africa faces a complex mix of challenges and promise. With almost 200 million youth

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03 Feb 2016

Why We Have Ruined Nature In Cities Too Much

The federal environment and acting cities minister, Greg Hunt, on Tuesday pledged to increase the

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17 Dec 2015

How To Pioneer Efficient And Sustainable Community Living

For most of human history, we’ve lived in groups a lot larger than our family

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03 Dec 2015

How To Be Sustainable Like An Aussie

“A sustainable Australia is possible – but we have to choose it.” That’s the finding

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23 Nov 2015

Microsoft + Urban Agriculture = An Amazing Harmony

There’s a quiet, green revolution growing in the middle of Microsoft’s Café 34. Under plasma

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06 Nov 2015

Why Ancient Farming Wisdom May Feed Our Future

Terrace farming as practiced from time immemorial by native peoples in the Andes mountains contributes

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17 Sep 2015

How Wyoming Enjoys Quality Local Produce With Vertical Farms

With harsh winters and a remote location, Jackson, Wyoming, has been unusually dependent on food

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28 May 2015

Vertical Farms To Sprout Up In Cities

Designed for Linkoping, Sweden, this 177-foot vertical farm features crops grown on spirals that run

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09 May 2015

Cities Save The Earth From Humanity

Can humans grow enough food, produce enough energy and still preserve some of the last

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06 May 2015

The Future Of Food In A Box

Aquaponics uses fish to create soil-less farms that can fit into cities much easier. On

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21 Apr 2015

How Urban Farming Could Change Hawaii

For all its lushness, the state imports the vast majority of its food. Advocates like

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09 Apr 2015

Grow Calgary : Community Urban Farm

Grow Calgary is an urban farm located close to Canada Olympic Park. This year, they

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03 Feb 2015

Farmscrapers, Entire Cities In Wobbly Looking Towers

Architect Vincent Callebaut’s “Asian Cairn” project imagines a future where we house residences, offices, and

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29 Jan 2015

City Agriculture, China’s Urban Farms and Gardens

For centuries, the Chinese have referred to the fertile region around Chengdu, capital of Sichuan

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