Why A Move to Chattanooga Is Perfect For Your Startup

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Haven’t considered relocating to Chattanooga for your newest business venture? You are making a big mistake. As everyone knows, if you want to be where technology is on the upswing, follow the millennials. And, according to Smart Asset, Chattanooga is one of the top ten markets for millennials. Plus, entrepreneurs and start-ups are moving to Chattanooga in droves – and for very good reasons.


The Fastest Internet Around

Chattanooga is also known as “Gig City” due its lighting fast internet speeds at cheap prices. According to the NY Times, “For less than $70 a month, consumers enjoy an ultrahigh-speed fiber-optic connection that transfers data at one gigabit per second. That is 50 times the average times for homes in the rest of the country, and just as rapid as service in Hong Kong, which has the fastest Internet in the world.” Therefore, if your business is in any way involved in the tech or digital market, setting up a base in Gig City would be more than ideal.


All the Tech Pros at Your Service

Along these same lines, those in the tech industry all now calling Chattanooga home, which means you have easy access to tech professionals and digital marketing gurus. Anyone trying to get a startup off the ground in today’s competitive online marketplace understands the importance of not only investors, but also having a dynamic approach to digital marketing. Computer programming, web design, mobile optimization, and SEO services are just a few of the ways your business will benefit from having some computer-savvy neighbors.

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The Low Cost of Living

In addition to having exceptionally fast internet and a ton of tech gurus to support your business, the low cost of living should also be a great selling point for basing your new venture in Chattanooga. The cost of living in Chattanooga is below the national average – a significant difference that you will benefit from as a business owner. You will be able to get more space for your business for the money than you would in other big cities across the US. For example, while people often consider big cities the best places for startups, Chattanooga proves them wrong when it comes to both internet speeds and cost. It is cheaper to start a business here – and it is cheaper to live here.


It Has Been Called the “Best Town Ever”

If you are considering Chattanooga for your startup, there is good reason to believe you will also be living in Chattanooga. This is another wonderful decision. The people in Chattanooga are welcoming and friendly. And, Chattanooga has the perks of a metropolitan city without being a big city. For example, it has a great food, music, and art scene. And, finally, Chattanooga is beautiful! You will love spending your time exploring the outdoors. This special place is home to mountain trails, waterfalls, and rivers landing the coveted “Best Town Ever” title from Outside Magazine more than once.

Go ahead. Take a trip to Gig City and see for yourself.


Author Bio: Rana Tarakji is an entrepreneur and a contributing writer at OneSEO who lives in Beirut, Lebanon. Rana Tarakji is passionate about digital marketing, startups, helping entrepreneurs grow, and empowering them to live their dreams. She has worked as a digital marketer, a technology co-founder and business developer, and a writer.

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