Is Social Media Good For Sports?

Social media – it’s something that has changed the way we live. It’s been a bumpy ride, but there’s no doubt that social media can be a positive force in the world. It has proven that several times over. Take the Arab Spring, for example, and how the activists found a ready platform to help bolster their movement on social media.

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But there are negatives as well. We seem to have become a society that’s obsessed with sharing everything on social media. Cue endless duck-face selfies and shots of meals. The cyberspace that social media occupies is congested with endless pics that don’t really mean anything at the end of the day.

But before we decide to chuck it all in and abandon our pages on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc., we need to acknowledge that social media can play a significant role when it comes to leisure activities. Take sports, for example.

Sports Teams and Social Media

It seems that every company these days has a social media presence. Sports teams are essentially companies in their own way, so it shouldn’t come as much of a surprise that most teams now have a presence on social media as well.

These platforms offer teams a chance to add more value for supporters and give fans a fun way to interact with their favorite teams or players. Posts on social media range from simple match results, sound bites from players, previews of games, etc., to competitions and polls.

Sports Associations and Social Media

Most of the major athletic associations maintain a presence on different social media sites. FIFA, for example, ranks as the most popular sports association on Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube—which we learned from the team behind Betting Sites.

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Why This Is Great for Fans

We’ve never before been able to connect with our favorite teams at such an in-depth level. You get to learn details that you’d never have been able to dig up on your own, and you get a far better understanding of the team in general. You also get a chance to show them your support or tell them off if their performance hasn’t been up to scratch.

Perhaps most importantly, though, you get a chance to connect with other fans. Want to celebrate that winning goal your team scored? Then you’ve got the perfect place to do so. Need to defend your team against detractors? Air your views on social media.

Why This Is Great for the Teams and Associations

The information sharing works both ways—fans will also express their opinions, so teams have better insight into what their fans are thinking. The teams get exposure, a way to drum up support for matches, etc., and another way to market their merchandising.

Has Social Media Been Good for Sports?

On the whole, yes, because it makes sports a lot more accessible to a wider range of people. Whether your favorite team is in the town you live in or a thousand miles away, it doesn’t matter. You have a way to connect with them. And that’s vital in this industry.

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