When Less Is More: Being a Minimalist in Cities

A minimalist mindset could be exactly what you need to have a better city living.

Minimalism is green

The city lifestyle demands a massive amount of resources. Most of the time, we buy more than we actually need. Over time, we buy better goods and replace old ones. This is because of perceived obsolescence, which is essentially buying new stuff because our existing things are no longer stylish or appropriate in spite of them being completely functional.

The minimalist mindset breaks free of this behaviour: only buying things that you absolutely need. With this, we consume less resources. If all of us collectively do this, we can reduce our carbon footprint by using up less nonrenewable resources.

With less stuff purchased, less waste is produced. By adopting a minimalist mindset, we also contribute less to the massive amount of plastic waste we have accumulated so far.

Minimalism is cost-saving

With a minimalistic approach in life, we are reducing our dependence on buying objects. Therefore, less money goes into buying new things. Being a minimalist promotes being content on what we have. It also promotes buying things based on longevity, not on how stylish they are at present.

Minimalism will let you focus on the right things

A minimalist environment will rid us of distracting clutter that may distract us from being productive. This mindset will help us focus more on gaining new experiences and dedicating our money to things that we love and stand for. On the whole, being a minimalist will set you free.

Do it right

It’s easy to get minimalism wrong. Make sure that if you intend to declutter your life in order to adopt a minimalist life that you do it responsibly:

  • Use before you replace – do not get rid of things just because. Make sure that you have used up your things before you throw them out. Unnecessarily throwing stuff out defeats is equally wasteful.
  • Earn from it – if you cannot find any use for something or just don’t want it anymore, try selling it. Garage sales will help you give your stuff a new home.
  • Help – if you don’t want to sell your stuff, donate it to someone else. There are charity thrift shops as well as shelters which will gladly take your lightly used stuff.
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Make sure that by adopting a minimalist lifestyle, you are not just throwing things into the trash. We should look at it while taking a few steps back. By simply dumping our stuff, we are contributing to the world’s trash. But by giving them a new home, we are encouraging others to avoid buying more stuff. Minimalism will only be truly beneficial if it is a collaborative effort from everyone.

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