6 Common Reasons Why You Can’t Overcome Writer’s Block

Anyone who’s ever put pen to paper knows just how terrible is the frustration that accompanies a bad case of writer’s block! Sitting at your desk, staring at your screen, seemingly unable to type – and the worst part is not understanding why!

Fear not, writer’s block help is here! The first step in how to overcome a writer’s block is to understand its causes. Here are 6 of the most common reasons that your writing may be stuck in a rut!


Perfectionism can be both a gift and a curse! The same drive to produce the best results that help you write your best academic work can also be a barrier to getting started in the first place. When you want your work to reflect the high potential you know that you possess, sometimes the fear of not living up to that high expectation you’ve set for yourself is exactly what prevents you from achieving.

A great way to combat this cause of writer’s block is to try free-writing. That means just putting down words on paper and not over-thinking how or what you say. Everything you write can be revised in the future, but free-writing at least loosens up those fingers! Looking at completed works by other writers is another great way to remind yourself that once you start writing, it’s easier to keep going. You can do this by looking at free essay samples online or going over your own completed work.

Lack of Inspiration

One of the most common reasons for writer’s block is simply a lack of inspiration. Every college student knows what it’s like to sit in front of a white page, searching for an idea, only to come up blank. Luckily, you don’t have to face a lack of inspiration alone! There is a tonne of online free essay writing samples you can access that will get the gears in your brain turning.

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Whether it’s an inspiration for a topic, or samples of how to structure academic writing, one easy and effective way to overcome writer’s block in college is to make use of free essay examples at Eduzaurus. With free essays samples and tonnes of thought-provoking writing resources, those essays will come flowing in no time!


While it seems obvious, those looking to explain their writer’s block can often forget the most simple of causes! Neglecting basic needs such as getting adequate sleep and nutrition is a sure-fire way to have your mind running far below full capacity.

It’s impossible for your mind to be fully concentrated on producing quality writing if all it wants to do is catch a wink of sleep! When papers are due, make sure you’re getting around 8 hours of sleep a night and eating several nutrient-rich meals a day!

Bad writing environment

The quality and ease of your writing can be severely diminished by trying to work in an environment of chaos. Spaces that are busy, noisy, and full of movement are sure to distract you from maintaining a strong train of thought and making steady progress in your writing.

If you’re experiencing writer’s block, take a look at your working environment. Try to make sure it’s one of peace and quiet. Libraries, a comfortable office, or even a cosy café make great, focused spaces where you can really get in the zone and overcome that writer’s block.

Time pressure

When an essay is soon due, the ticking of the clock can be your greatest enemy. We all know how it feels to be under tight time pressure and seemingly not know where to start! Beginning your writing well in advance of any deadlines will give you the freedom to explore different ideas and perform revisions that will help you avoid the writer’s block caused by a last-minute panic!

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Lack of focus

In this digital era, distractions lie everywhere. In our pockets, on our desktops – even our watches buzz for our attention! This being the case, it’s no surprise that many college students find themselves constantly distracted and facing writer’s block due to a lack of focus.

One thing you can do for a writer’s block help in this situation is to remove all distracting technology from your working environment. That means turning your phone off, blocking social media sites, and making sure any tempting gaming consoles are kept well out of sight! With distractions such as these removed, you’ll have a much easier time finding your flow and waving goodbye to that pesky writer’s block!

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