How To Prep For An Overseas Plane Trip

Flying, depending on the context, can be an enjoyable experience. If you’re off onto your vacation destination, the flight is the main obstacle before you arrive. The flight may be filled with last-minute plans, talking excitedly with your friends or family and taking pictures out of the window when the plane starts its descent.

If you’re on the third leg of your return trip, however, flying seems like an absolute drag. You’re trapped inside a big metal box for the third time that day with no leg room to speak of while the little kid behind you is kicking your seat like they’re the next Cristiano Ronaldo.

Overseas flights are their own beasts. Unfortunately, Han Solo and his Millennium Falcon haven’t made their commercial flight debut so your flights are going to be lasting well over six hours.

If this is your first overseas flight, you should definitely check out the recommended tips below.

Make Sure You Can Bring a Bag

With overseas travel becoming more popular and more affordable, airlines are beginning to offer special fares called “economy light” tickets.

These tickets surely grabbed your eye early because of their extra-low price. But upon further inspection, you see there’s a reason these tickets are so cheap.

The ticket, in short, means that you will basically be able to be on the flight itself. You don’t get to choose a seat, choose a special meal, amend your reservation or the most important, bring a bag. Even your carry-on space is quite limited.

Before you start packing, make sure you’re allowed to bring a bag on. Purchasing the option ahead of time is cheaper than paying for it at the airport.

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If you’re planning on bringing an extra-large suitcase, like one filled with golf clubs, fishing equipment, ski equipment, etc. check the prices and possible restrictions.

Stuff Your Carry-on

For your carry-on bag, you’ll probably have your phone, book, laptop and maybe a few snacks. Unfortunately, that’s not quite enough.

Crazy things can always happen with your bags, so it’s wise to pack extra clothes in your carry-on. Nothing too big, but an extra pair of underwear, socks and basic toiletries. You don’t want to put all your eggs in one basket, literally, only to find out your bag didn’t make it with you.

Pack from least important to most important in your bag and be mindful when passing through security lines. Depending on where you’re flying to and from, you may need to be opening and removing certain items from your bag multiple times. Have what you need the most at the top of your bag.

Keep Your Essentials Close

Before checking the house, you always make a quick check: wallet, keys and phone. You pat your pockets in rapid succession or scrounge through your purse.

Your pockets check should look similar, but instead should be: wallet, passport and phone. Always keep these with you and never stuff them in your carryon bag or checked bag. Even though people have doubted their fashion sense, cargo shorts are great for making sure everything gets its own pocket.

An electronics vest is also a great piece of clothing used to hold many different items and have them readily available.

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Water and Exercise

Even though you’re not allowed to bring your own water through security, you should be bringing your own water bottle which you can fill up at any water fountain. Drinking plenty of water will help you from getting dehydrated over that long flight. You’d be surprised how taxing on the body those long flights can be.

While you’re being healthy, make sure you do some stretching before you get on the plane. You’re going to be seated for 6-12 hours in a sedentary position (unless you’re lucky enough to get first-class).

Drinking a lot of water beforehand is a surefire way to make you get up and go to the bathroom, stretching out your legs in the process. While you’re seated, you can heel flex and toe flex in order to stretch out your calves and feet.

You aren’t going to be actively preparing for any marathons this way, but it’s perfect to keep you limber and loose so you’re not completely locked up.

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