What To Do When Your AC Unit Isn’t Cooling Properly

To most homeowners and business premises owners alike, the air conditioning system is one of the most important units on the structure, especially now that we’re headed to summer. It allows you to beat the heat comfortably throughout the warmer months without much of a challenge. But this is only the case when your AC unit is functioning well and providing you with cool air. The truth on the matter is, there’s a wide range of issues that may make your AC unit to seize functioning properly. Apart from power issues, your AC filters could be clogged, the unit’s fuse blown, or the compressor dirty. The condensate airflow switch could be faulty or your thermostat could be the problem. Some AC units also seize functioning when there’s frost or ice buildup. The blower fan could also be the problem.

If the unit doesn’t completely size to function, there’s a high chance that it won’t cool properly. This means that you won’t get enough cool air and your summer months can turn into a nightmare. However, there’s always to remedy a malfunctioning household appliance. Here’s what to do when your AC unit isn’t cooling properly.

Talk to A Trusted AC Repair Technician

It could be turned on (or not) and not cooling properly or not turning on at all. Sometimes it may be operational but you can hear knocking sounds in there. There’s a wide range of issues that can cause that, some of which may be out of your scope of knowledge to fix. Additionally, conducting AC repairs DIY could be catastrophic if you’re not well versed with the technicalities involved. When poorly done, it can lead to irreversible malfunctions that could force you to replace the unit altogether. This is why when it comes to air conditioner repairs, it is advisable to work call a reputed technician in the field. While ensuring your comfort as fast as possible, working with an experienced AC repair technician can help increase the lifetime of your cooling unit. This is because they’re highly trained in the job and they also come equipped with the necessary (sometimes expensive) tools that you may not have sitting around in your garage.


Check The Air Filters

A clogged air filter can cause cooling problems in an air conditioner.  This is because when the AC air filter is clogged, there is obstruction of airflow, thus reducing the unit’s cooling capacity. Depending on the kind of air filters your AC is equipped with or how long you’ve had them, you could restore proper cooling by cleaning or replacing the air filter/s. Replacing dirty air filters can even increase your AC’s energy efficiency or reduce its consumption. If you’re using central air conditioning, ductwork cleaning may also be required, at least once a year.

Check The Coils for Dirt

Dirty condenser coils are also a common culprit when the AC doesn’t cool properly. Through the air conditioner’s lifetime, dirt and debris tend to collect on its various parts, the condenser coils included. The function of the condenser is basically to extract or dissipate heat from the room before cooler air can be blown back into the room. When dirt and debris accumulate on the coils over time, this process is affected or halted altogether, leading to insufficient AC cooling. If your condenser coils are dirty, the smartest move would be to call an AC technician to have them replaced.

Look for Refrigerant Leaks

The sole purpose of the refrigerant or the coolant in your Ac is to absorb excess heat from your rooms and release it to the outdoor environment. This happens in a constant cycle, but when the refrigerant is leaking, improper cooling could be experienced. Once you experience improper cooling and notice the refrigerant is leaking, call your ac repair expert immediately.

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See If the Thermostat Is Working Properly

The thermostat allows your AC to cool the room automatically based on the room’s temperature. Some of them are programmable, allowing you to input your custom AC settings such as when the unit should start and stop cooling. If your thermostat is not working properly, the AC unit may not be able to adequately cool your rooms.

Recalculate Your AC Sizing

When buying an air conditioner for your house or room, space is one of the major factors to think about. This is because different AC sizes have different cooling capacities. In other words, there’s a limit to the amount of warm air an AC can suck at one particular time, replacing it with cool air. This is why air conditioner sizing is important when installing or buying an air conditioner. If too big or too small for your room, the AC will end up working harder to keep the space cool, thus leading to insufficient cooling alongside other issues such as higher energy consumption, lower efficiency, and reduced unit lifetime.

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