How To Cool A CPU

When building a new system, one of the most important components you’ll need to include is your CPU. This is the heart of the computer and depending on what you’re hoping to achieve, these can become pretty expensive.

In fact, if you run one of the best gaming CPUs available today, you will know just how important it is in your PC, and how vital it is to take good care of it. Having to replace a CPU is going to leave a pretty big hole in your pocket!

When it comes to looking after your CPU, you’ll need to be wary of just how hot they can get. If you’re going to be doing a lot of gaming, streaming or rendering, you’ll need to make sure you have an adequate cooling solution for your CPU. If you don’t, this could easily lead to potential long-term damage. 

Try To Maximize Your Airflow

One of the most important things to consider when cooling your CPU is the amount of space and airflow you have in your case. There are a couple of ways to accomplish this, one of which being cable management. 

With the help of a couple of cable ties, you can quickly hide the majority of your cables. Not only will this make for a sleeker-looking design, but it will also increase the amount of airflow your system has. 

Making sure you have enough fans in your case will also be beneficial to your cooling. As long as the airflow is being directed correctly, this will help keep overall temperatures low. Make sure you keep these fans clean though, there’s no point having a case full of fans if they are simply clogged with dust. 

Think About Water Cooling

Another way to keep your CPU cool is to invest in water cooling. This method uses a water pump to cool the CPU by pumping cold water down to the CPU in self-contained tubes. This water is then pumped back around the system, cooling as it goes, before making its way back to the CPU.

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If the idea of adding running water to one of your most expensive prized possessions sounds a little bit scary, don’t worry! Water cooling kits are fairly inexpensive these days and there are plenty of installation tutorials online. If you are still worried though, your local computer technician should be able to easily install this.

Invest In A Suitable Case

If you are having cooling issues or believe that your system might start to become a little cramped, investing in a new case is a great idea. By doing this, you can have more free space to either install more components or even leave blank for increased airflow.

Larger cases usually have more space for fans, cooling solutions and even dedicated areas for cable management. This is a great way to make sure your CPU stays nice and cool while you’re gaming.

Choosing the right case for you can be tough – but, if you are struggling to decide on one specific PC case, then there are plenty of websites out there dedicated to ranking the best PC cases available today. Just remember to prioritise functionality over form! 

Think About Upgrading Your PSU

Your choice of power supply can have a huge effect on your CPU’s ability to cool down. If you don’t have a case fan, then your power supply’s integrated fan will likely be the only thing pushing hot air out of your PC. If this ever stops working, you’re in danger of your PC overheating very quickly. 

A faulty PSU fan needs to be replaced as soon as possible so it’s always worth checking on it to ensure it’s performing as well as it needs to be. If not, then perhaps an upgrade to your PSU is needed. This will also allow you to power more elaborate cooling solutions such as water cooling or additional fans.

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Thinking that it’s time to upgrade your PSU? Make sure that when you are checking out the best PSUs you can buy, you don’t forget to take into account your power and performance needs, and to figure out whether the PSU itself will help you keep your CPU cool throughout its use. 

Apply Some Thermal Paste

A simple way to help keep your CPU cool is to purchase some thermal paste. Thermal paste works as a heat transfer agent which fills microscopic gaps which appear when two flat metal surfaces are pressed together (like the cooler and the CPU). 

These gaps can affect the way the cooler absorbs heat from the CPU, so by filling them with thermal paste, you can increase the cooling performance. 

When you buy thermal paste, you can apply it to the Integrated Heat Spreader (IHS). Doing this will allow the pressure from the CPU cooler to spread the paste and secure it. 

Final Word

Keeping your CPU cool is not something you should ever overlook. There’s little point investing in high-grade PC components only for the environment they’re installed in to be unsuitable or unsustainable. An overheated PC can become unstable, shut down at the worst possible time or even damage the components you’ve spent so much time saving up for and investing in.

Protect your PC by investing some time and attention in learning about CPU cooling. Make sure to check out WePC’s full article on how to keep your CPU cool for more information on keeping your CPU healthy.

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