Mac Technology: 10 Key Reasons Your Next Computer Should Be A Mac

Mac Pro is the latest Apple version, which costs $5,999. You’ll also have to part with $4,999 for the 6K Pro Display XDR. With continued upgrades, the prices might go higher. 

Apple products are more expensive than most other brands. Yet, thousands of people own Mac devices. Mac has intriguing features that will give you value for your money. 

If you’ve been thinking of switching from Windows to Mac, don’t hesitate. The developers have been able to balance utility and aesthetics. What’s even more fascinating is the Mac technology, which is unbeatable. 

While Mac isn’t the cheapest option, it’s probably the best. Read these ten key reasons why your next computer should be a Mac. 

1. Quick and Easy Software Updates 

While windows have several advantages, software update is not one of them. The devices have different components, making the process complicated. Besides, Microsoft has set minimum requirements for the latest Windows version.

Conversely, updating Mac software is usually straightforward. The technology makes it possible to squash bugs. The developers further update the MAC operating system with more efficient versions almost every fall. 

The process of updating your Mac is quite simple. It’s possible to have an up to date device as soon as Apple makes the fixes. The upgrades ensure you get a satisfactory Mac experience. 

2. Mac Security Features

MacOS has several security features that prove the advanced features of Mac technology. One of these components is the System Integrity Protection, which secures the core operating system. SIP protects the entire system from the application and user access.

Gatekeeper is another great security feature that allows Mac users to download applications without stumbling on malicious apps. Gatekeeper works with XProtect to deter the spread of any type of malware. With this security feature, you’re sure to get apps that are free from any tampering. 

Mac has file quarantine, which is an application that creates file awareness. When you receive a file from other external sources or internet downloads, file quarantine confirms their state. The quarantine applications in Mac include iChat, Messages, Mail, and Safari. 

The quarantine-aware app has time and date records on the site you’ve downloaded the file. The quarantine feature warns a user about a file before you open it. You can click the Cancel button if unsure about the safety of a document.  

3. Scrolling Screenshots 

Capturing a screenshot for a document or a web page isn’t always possible. But with Mac’s scrolling screenshot, you’ll save significant time. You won’t need to take multiple shots, which you’ll have to stitch together. 

MacOS has built-in functionality to capture all types of screenshots. You will only press several keys to capture a screenshot. Holding down -Shift-3buttons can take an entire webpage snap, while -Shift-4 buttons plus space screenshots Mac screen. 

Apple has developed several tools to assist in taking screenshots. Some of these tools include Snappy, Screenie, Monosnap, and Quicktime. When you launch Capto on your Mac, you can choose scrolling screenshots easily.  

4. A Networked System

You can’t blame someone who wants to switch from Windows to Mac. The latter has a good system that integrates with several other Apple products. With Apple devices, you can recognize programs, synchronize notes, and use iCloud for photo sharing. 

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On the contrary, Windows PCs can run slow. It would be impossible to synchronize your apps and still have an optimally running device. In fact, some computers hang when you give several instructions at a go. 

Fortunately, Mac can take several instructions. The devices save everything with just a click. Apple’s networked system has several advantages for Mac users. 

If you’re using an Apple product in your business, you’ll save on time and money. Mac allows you to perform several tasks simultaneously. The features can integrate without any hitches.  

5. Mac’s Time Machine 

A recent study confirmed that an average data breach in the U.S totaled to $8.19 million. With the increasing risk of data breach and loss, having a backup is invaluable. It would also help to have a backup solution that is not easily compromised. 

Mac computers have a built-in backup solution referred to as Time Machine. The technology backups essential data on an external drive. The set-up process is easy, and you can customize it to fit your needs.

Time Machine saves data each hour. When the backup runs out of space, the feature deletes older backups. A Time Machine has different functionalities depending on the type of Mac you’re using. 

You ought to know the hard drive that’s compatible with your device. With advanced Mac technology, some outdated external drives might fail to integrate. Check out G-Technology G-Drive 1TB and other latest external drives for a fulfilling backup experience with your Mac. 

6. Fewer Viruses

Contrary to common opinion, Mac products are not free from viruses. All computer systems are prone to viruses. But with Macs, the vulnerability of viruses is significantly low.

One of the possible reasons for low susceptibility is the small market share. Why would one target the few numbers of Mac computers when there are more than one million PC users? However, this view remains debatable.

Mac has several security features that are incomparable to other technologies. With these features, the device has an increased immunity against most malicious viruses. Nonetheless, Mac users should consider additional cybersecurity software to complement Mac’s security. 

You can detect malware infection on your Mac with clues such as fake pop-up updates. Advertising banners on a web page can further notify you of existing viruses. If your Mac runs faster, heats up, or crashes, your device might be dealing with malware such as Trojan.

7. Mac Integrates With Windows 

If you’re a Windows enthusiast, owning a Mac won’t deter you from using several Windows applications. Installing Windows on your Mac allows you to get the best out of Office Suite. You can run several programs with the two operating systems.  

Incorporating Windows in your desktop computer makes the Mac device adaptable and flexible. Working on a laptop with fewer limitations will be thrilling.

One of the ways to run Windows on your Mac is through virtual machines. The machines allow you to install any operating system on your Mac computer. With a Windows license, you can install Windows on your device without any challenges.

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Apple has a Boot Camp software that allows a user to install Windows. That means that you will have both macOS and Windows operating systems on your Mac. You’ll have to switch between the two since they can’t work simultaneously.  

Several other tools help in the integration of Mac and Windows. The increased functionality when running Windows on Mac, makes the investment worth. Your focus when making these advancements should be compatibility.  

8. Target Disk Mode

Target Disk Mode is a Mac technology that has proved beneficial since the conception of PowerBook 100. With this feature, you can connect two Macs through USB-C ports, Thunderbolt, or FireWire ports. The connection allows you to share any content from the internal drive. 

With Target Disk, you can copy files between Mac devices without creating a local network or file sharing. The feature further allows one to troubleshoot Mac’s drive. Target Disk Mode on Mac OS helps in booting a second Mac device.

Target Disk Mode is quite versatile. If one of your Macs have been problematic on matters relating to data sharing, the tool can help. You’ll only need to connect the two Macs and share relevant files. 

9. AppleCare

If you want an iPhone Xs that has a 5.8-inch display, you’ll part with about $999. The cost isn’t inclusive of software upgrades that are part of Apple. Besides repairing, an iPhone can be an expensive affair. 

For this reason, a warranty for Macs is indispensable. Apple has a one-year warranty that deals with any manufacturer’s defect. You can extend the warranty by purchasing AppleCare+. 

AppleCare gives you an additional guarantee once you buy an Apple product. When buying iPads and iPhones, an AppleCare+ prompt near the settings will give you a signup option. Beyond 60 days, you can’t buy the additional warranty. 

AppleCare has a flexible payment plan. Besides, you are eligible for a refund if you opt to cancel the plan within 30 days of purchase. You can even transfer the service when you sell your device. 

10. Attractive Design 

Apple products are minimalist yet elegant. The attractive design sets Mac products apart from many devices. The graphics further makes the displays on the desktop uniquely beautiful. 

While functionality overrides form, getting an aesthetically appealing device is thrilling. Apple takes time to design its products. When you own a Mac, you’ll feel great due to its attractive design. 

Mac Technology Makes Mac Worth Every Dime 

Apple has some of the most excellent products. The exceptional features and Mac technology enhances user experience. If you’re switching from Windows to Mac, the advanced functionalities will increase your productivity. 

With the many counterfeits available, it would help to get your Mac from accredited dealers. In the end, you’ll save more as you can use your Mac to complete different tasks. 

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