4 Ways CBD Can Be Used In Fighting Drug Addiction

Substance misuse, encompassing drug addiction, is a big problem for the United States. The way that medical institutions have carelessly prescribed opioid-based medicine in the past has become a problem. Now, we need a new way to fight drug abuse, and CBD might be the answer.

The Addiction Problem

Statistics from 2019, show that thankfully the rates of prescription drug misuse as well as illicit drug use are dropping. Vicodin, Oxycontin, LSD, cocaine, etc. are all on the decline. However, there is still no reliable way to cure drug addiction, so, hard drug users are still left to suffer.

Additionally, vaping is a recent addition to the problem of creating new addicts. It is new and exciting (for young people) to try out something ‘new’. As a result, many people buy vaping liquids not knowing what is inside. It can be as innocent as a sweetener and as dangerous as some highly addictive elements.

Results Backed by Research

Recently, new evidence surfaced that speaks in support of employing CBD oil as an addiction treatment. Scientists with their research pieces have focused on relapse prevention, as they believe that CBD might be very effective is diminishing drug craving.

Heroin Addiction

CBD has really come through for cocaine addicts. A study concentrated on 42 men and women who were trying to abstain from heroin. The people were split into 3 groups. 2 groups were given varying amounts of CBD for 3 consecutive days.

After the 3-day treatment, all groups were hooked up to brain activity monitors and were shown nature and a drug-related video. The control group showed the biggest amount of craving markers during both videos.

The group that was given the biggest amount of CBD showed a minimal amount of craving during the drug-related video and no craving during the nature video. This study propels research into CBD’s effects.

Tobacco Addiction

There was also a CBD-related piece of research conducted with smokers. 24 smokers were given out inhalers with CBD and placebo inhalers. They had to use inhalers whenever they wanted to smoke. The CBD-inhaling group reduced their tobacco intake by about 40% at the end of the study.

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Areas of Future Scientific Research

There are also some areas in fighting substance abuse where scientists are very hopeful. They are currently conducting tests to determine the tangible value of CBD when it comes to helping people overcome drug addiction.

Marijuana Addiction

You may have heard that you cannot get addicted to marijuana, and that it partially true if you are a smoker of the usual, non-modified cannabis. However, with vaping liquids that contain extremely high levels of THC, people can become addicted to the substance.

Scientists believe that CBD tinctures can help marijuana addicts come off from the drugs. CBD offers the same anxiety and nausea-relieving effects that THC does but without the psychoactive element. CBD oil also has traces of THC in it, so, coming off of THC will not be incredibly hard with CBD extracts.


The most popularly abused substance accounts for about 40% of admissions to drug rehabilitation centers. Alcohol withdrawal incurs very unpleasant symptoms, including anxiety, anger, irritability, tremors, nausea, and hallucinations.

Scientists hope that CBD can help to recover alcoholics to mitigate some of these symptoms and keep them away from returning to alcohol. Many people put a lot of hope on CBD, because alcoholism is such a common problem, and unlike illicit drug use, alcoholism rates are not dropping.

Main Problem with CBD Oil

The CBD oil is in a very tricky legal place. As of now, officials still cannot decide whether it is a drug to be prohibited, a treatment to be legalized and introduced in medical treatment plans, or it is a dietary supplement to be incorporated as an addition to the main medicinal treatment.

There are government figures that fight for CBD to be banned, and people that were literally saved by CBD oil that emphasize its medicinal importance. This, combined with the fact that CBD manufacturers market their product as a dietary supplement, results in CBD oil being unregulated by anyone currently.

Some independent lab tests were done on a number of mediocrely popular CBD oil extracts and tinctures. The tests showed that some CBD oils were contaminated with a number of germs and that some oils had more THC inside rather than CBD, which turns these “CBD” oils simply into THC extracts.

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If any of these “CBD” oils with big THC levels reach the hands of an addict, then the psychoactive substance may become the poison of choice. Yes, THC will substitute the previously abused substance. In this case, this will not solve anything and will worsen the person’s substance abuse tendency.

So, CBD oil is not regulated by FDA like other proper drugs, which is why you cannot trust every supplier. Still, there are some trustworthy companies that keep their word on CBD and THC levels and maintain the purity of the product. According to CoolThingsChicago, here are products from such companies.

“So, What Is CBD Exactly?”

If all of this CBD talk is too overwhelming for you, and you have no idea what exactly CBD oil and tincture is, what side effects they have, and so on, then you should do some reading up on the theme. However, do not worry, there is enough information on the internet to get you updated.

One thing to know for sure is that although CBD and THC both are extracted from cannabis, the former has absolutely no psychoactive effects. It only works with our endocannabinoid system, lightening the load for our nerve system. According to CBDKyro, here is a great guide on everything related to CBD.

Possible Future Developments with CBD

It is very hard to make any reliable predictions regarding the CBD extract at this stage. The CBD element has gotten enough attention over the past years. All we need now is time for scientists to examine and test the effects of CBD oil on our bodies and how it interacts with other elements within us.

At this moment, CBD seems like an amazing alternative to opioid medication and an efficient way to help fight drug addiction. Speculations aside, we can only now wait and hope for the best.

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