Home Remedies to Keep Away Bats and Get Rid of Them

If you’re hearing strange noises at night coming from inside your walls, or up in the attic, it may well be a sign of a bat infestation, in which case, it’s important that you take immediate action. As with any other wild animal, the sooner you address the problem, the less damage they’re likely to cause. 

How do you know it’s a bat?

It can be tricky, especially for the inexperienced eye, to distinguish between bats and other nuisance animals. An obvious sign of a bat infestation is, of course, spotting one flying around your home, or finding a dead bat on your property. 

Other signs include the presence of ammonia, as well as other strange, and inexplicable smells, which are usually coming from the bats’ droppings. Since bat droppings also have a highly corrosive nature, it’s likely to cause permanent damage, and staining on furniture, floors, and other structures in your home.

Can you get rid of bats on your own?

It is very important that you do your research, and look up local rules and regulations. Since bats are a protected species in some areas of the United States, trying to remove one from your property can land you in serious legal trouble.

This is why it might be beneficial to call Complete Wildlife Removal, or some other similar company, as they’re more likely to already be familiar with local regulations concerning bat removal.

In some cases, you may have to leave the bats alone (if it’s a mother bat rearing her young), until the young bats are old enough to depart on their own. The good news is, that they will, and aren’t likely to linger around your home indefinitely. 

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Regardless, once the bats are out of the house, make sure you run a thorough disinfection process, or hire someone to do it for you, since bats are carriers of a host of serious diseases. To learn more, visit

How to keep bats away:

Regardless if you’ve had bats before, or if you’re simply working on a premonition here, prevention is usually ten times smarter than trying to find a solution for an existing problem. So what can you do to keep bats away from your property?

01. Try bat repellents. 

These usually fall into two categories. There are the commercial bat repellents, which usually include ultrasonic devices that will emit noises that are unpleasant for bats, and other wildlife. These can be placed near the bat’s entry point or natural path.

Alternatively, you could try natural bat repellents, such as cinnamon, mothballs, or other such home products with a strong, distinctive smell.

02. Build a bat box.

If you can’t beat them… at least, give them another place to nest. By building a special home for bats (or purchasing one from a specialty store), you will make sure the bats flock to that, instead, and leave your home alone. These will allow bats to leave near your property safely, while protecting them from predators, but also protecting you and your family from them.

03. Heat up the place.

It’s a well-known fact that bats prefer cooler temperatures, so by simply raising the heat in rooms like the attic, where bats are more likely to be found, you can encourage the flyers to leave.

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04. Repair the home.

Bear in mind that bats are getting in somehow, usually through a hole, or crack in the wall that might not even seem big to you. Well, it is to them. This is why you should regularly inspect the walls, and structure of your home, and repair such cracks before they become a problem.

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