Top 8 Gambling Destinations In The World You Shouldn’t Miss

Gambling has become quite popular in the modern-day. While for most people, gambling is an entertainment activity; for others, it is a channel for making money through which to sustain their lifestyles.

The advent of online casinos has increased the demand for gambling, owing to convenience and access to a variety of games. Even so, the emergence of these casinos has not completely ruled out the existence of brick and mortar casinos.

People still travel far and wide just to gamble at live casinos. Online gambling cannot compete with gaming at a live casino, for example, during a bachelor party weekend.

Brick and mortar casinos have some form of thrill that cannot be replicated. From dealers to the glamour, the environment in a brick and mortar casino makes it an unmatched experience.

Some live casinos outperform others. In this post, I have compiled eight gambling destinations you should not miss. If you are after a definitive gambling experience, ensure that you go to at least one or two of these destinations.

Top Gambling Destinations

Las Vegas

Top on the list is Las Vegas, Nevada. This is a renowned gambling destination that hosts more than 70 casinos. According to Forbes, this destination not only offers visitors entertainment through casinos, but it also has the best lodging choices to fit every budget.

The central point in Las Vegas is ‘The Strip,’ a stretch extending up to 4-miles lined with upscale casino hotels and a variety of restaurants and shops. Once you are here, you will agree to the saying that ‘if you cannot find it in Vegas, you are not likely to find it anywhere.’

New Jersey

Also, in the United States, New Jersey is another top gambling destination that boasts of numerous casinos. According to the Njb Magazine, the Atlantic City in New Jersey was voted the best betting destination, bypassing Las Vegas. Besides casinos, there are numerous dining and entertainment dining outlets in New Jersey that will keep you busy while you take a gambling break.


London is another gambler’s paradise that is home to fancy casinos like the Hippodrome. In case fancy is not your taste, there are plenty of smaller and casual gambling points along London’s high streets. Interesting about London is that there are no strict anti-gambling rules like there are in the United States. Anyone aged 18 and above is allowed to gamble.

Monte Carlo, Monaco

If you are visiting Europe, you should not miss Monte Carlo in Monaco, a gambling destination that appeals to classy gamblers. Its repute of affluence should not put you off because this destination has something for everyone. There are high-stakes games in Monte Carlo casinos where you can find your niche.


Should you plan a trip to the Caribbean, keep Aruba in mind, if your trip will involve some gambling. Dubbed the ‘Vegas of the Caribbean,’ this destination has everything you would want from a gambling hotspot. Most casinos here are open day and night. Besides, most resorts and hotels in Aruba also have gambling machines.


An Asian continent is a place where you will also find some magnificent gambling destinations. The more renowned one is in Macau, China. According to Bloomberg, it is the world’s largest gambling locale.

Interestingly, Macau is the only Chinese city where gambling is lawful. It is also home to the Venetian, which is branded to be the largest casino floor in the world.


While Singapore is a somewhat newbie in the gambling arena, it has grown to establish itself as a top gambling destination in the world. When you come to Singapore, you can visit lavish casino resorts such as the Marina Bay Sands that hosts more than 350 tables. Additional entertainment can be sought in theme parks and nightclubs while gambling in Singapore.

Reno, Nevada

If you have been to Las Vegas and would wish to visit a different gambling destination in Nevada, you should check out Reno. Located in the northern region of Nevada, it is a gambling destination that offers a variety of casino games.

All about Casino Cruises

Besides gambling in your final destination, you can also do the same thing while cruising your way to that destination. Today, many cruise ships offer onboard casinos that will have you feeling like you are in Monte Carlo or Macau.

According to Gamblers daily digest, the allure of the seas, Norwegian Epic, and Oasis of the Seas are some of the best casino cruises in the world. With a large passenger capacity, you can be sure to cross paths with many voyagers and gamblers alike, as you comfortably cruise to your destination. You can find out more about other notable casino cruises in the world in this Gamblers daily digest article.

What makes gambling on a cruise captivating is low minimum wages. This way, the low-bet gamblers are inspired to play games. Besides, gamblers get to enjoy other exceptional features and services related to casino cruise companies.

Looking to Gamble Closer to Home?

In reality, it is not always possible to travel around the world to have some fun at your favorite gambling destination. In this case, online casinos are a form of gambling entertainment in which you can engage from the comfort of your room.

If you are new to online casinos, it is best if you choose sites that offer a welcome bonus. Check out OnlineCasinoGems which reviews casinos that provide large initial deposit bonuses across the world.


Gambling continues to be a primary form of entertainment to which most people turn during their leisure time. While some choose to do it from the comfort of their homes, others will travel the world just to enjoy the thrill of a live casino in their favorite gambling destination.

If you are the one who loves to travel to gambling destinations – make sure that the destinations provided in this post are on your list the next time you plan a trip.

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