Seven Benefits To Using Steel In The Construction Of Buildings

Whether you’re looking to construct a small structure for additional storage, or maybe even build your own home or business building, you may have spent a lot of time searching for the correct materials to use in this project. Have you considered using metal for this venture, though?

Steel is a popular choice for building construction, and there are many benefits to using this particular material for your project. These are some of the reasons as to why steel might be the best choice for your new building.

It’s swift and resourceful

Steel can be assembled efficiently and quickly at any time of year. These components can be manufactured away from your construction site, and they need very little on-site labor. The frame of your building could be put up in just days rather than weeks—meaning that your construction time could be reduced by 20 to 40%, depending on the scale of your project.

Steel usually allows you to have fewer points of contact with the ground at more challenging sites for single dwellings, which means that you reduce the amount of excavation that’s needed. Structural steel is also lighter compared to other frame materials (e.g. concrete), therefore, you can have a simpler foundation.

It has less of an effect on the environment

Since buildings that are made of steel are lighter and need less extensive foundations compared to concrete, so the impact on the environment is reduced. The materials are lighter and not as many are required, therefore, fuel and transportation costs are also reduced.

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Steel is energy efficient, too. This is because heat radiates quickly from steel roofing, meaning that you can have cooler metal buildings in warmer climates. In cooler areas, you can insulate double steel panel walls in order to better contain heat.

Added fire resistance

Testing of both structural steelwork and complete steel structures has given the industry an understanding of how these items respond to fire. The precise specification of the fire protection requirements of steel constructions often leads fewer materials being used.

Steel buildings are “green”

Modern steel mills produce steel that is composed of around 90% of recycled material. The whole of the steel frame of a building can be recycled at the end of its life cycle and, with a low environmental impact per square foot of construction, steel is a popular choice for sustainable, environmentally conscious projects.

Steel buildings are aesthetically pleasing

Using steel frames means that designers have a range of options to choose from when they’re designing the appearance of a building. Structural steel used can be curved, rolled, and integrated into unusual shapes to be used in buildings.

It’s cost-effective

Structural steel, compared to other materials that can be used for building frames, brings a greater value to your project with initial costs. It can also help you to reduce the amount that you have to spend on other aspects of your plan, including the facade, foundations, and other general components.

Increased floor space that can be adapted

Structural steel is strong and light, therefore, you can include open, column-free spaces in your building. If your building requirements change, then your existing frame can be modified meet to your needs.

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