6 Ways To Upgrade Your Home Office

More people are working from home than ever before, but whether that’s a short-term change or something that looks likely to be permanent, you must get your home office setup right. It might be easier than ever to work from home, but your productivity can be dramatically improved by the right home office upgrades. Don’t keep working from the kitchen table or the sofa when it takes very little work to turn your home office into the workspace you’ve always dreamed of, boosting your workflow, your online security, and your inspiration. Here are some changes to make today that might just change the way that you work.

Invest in Comfort

The more ergonomic your chair, the easier it will be to sit and focus on your workload. Never underestimate the importance of a good office chair, because you’ll be spending a lot of hours sitting down! A poorly designed, cheap, uncomfortable chair isn’t just annoying, it’s also sure to guarantee that you’ll spend most of the day hunched over your computer and hurting your back. Look at the best ergonomic office chairs available, and you’ll be able to work in comfort every day.

A good monitor for viewing your work is also important. Here are the 5 best ultra wide monitor reviews you can check to ensure that you get enhanced views for productivity, games, and videos.

Let the Music Play

Having the right soundtrack to your working day might be more of a positive change than you think. Although it’s rare to find an office environment where you’re allowed to blast your motivational soundtracks at full volume, in the home office, you have control over the ambiance. Invest in either a high-quality speaker system for your office space or consider buying an additional smart speaker (if you already have one). There’s nothing quite like the ease of not interrupting your workflow and just telling Alexa to skip to the next track or to pump up the volume without having to stop working.

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Getting some Greenery

It might be a workspace, but you shouldn’t overlook the potential benefits of the right plants in your home office. Scientists have carried out thousands of studies about the various benefits of having plants in the office, and you might be surprised by just how beneficial they can be. Not only can the right plants help to keep your air cleaner and healthier, but they can also even help you work more efficiently too. Studies have shown that plants help to reduce stress while refocusing energy and can even positively boost your productivity by an astonishing 15%! Of course, looking after plants can become a bit of a hassle, so make sure that you only buy plants that need little in the way of care and attention.

Staying Safe Online

Home offices are much more vulnerable to cybercrimes than a centralized workspace simply because the home environment doesn’t have access to the in-house security of an office building. However, with the right attention paid to online security, you can keep you, your online accounts, and your employer safe from cyberattacks. Password management is crucial in this day and age, and if you’re still using Password123, then you really need to change it immediately. You will also be able to work confidently if you invest in proactive antivirus security that will protect your home office from viral attacks. As cybercriminals become ever more sophisticated, you need the right software to keep you safe from attacks. Don’t leave yourself or your computer vulnerable.

Get Organised

You might not have the boss leaning over your shoulder and complaining about the state of your desk, but your productivity will take a hit if you let paperwork start to pile up, and it’s scattered all around the floor and on your desk. It’s very easy to let a desk space become untidy, especially in those cases where you’re working through lunch. A tidier workspace is a more productive workspace, so spend a little money on some paperwork storage options. You could even use this opportunity to convince your employer to focus more on going paperless, saving the company money while making it easier to keep your workspace at optimal levels of tidy.

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Consider Lighting

Natural light is always going to be an essential part of your home office. If it’s too dim in your office, then your eyes will strain after staring at a bright screen all day. That means checking your windows and your curtains/blinds. Make sure that you have control over the amount of natural light that you can allow into the room. Of course, not every home office will have that option, and that means adding some controllable lighting solutions. Desk lamps can be very useful for adding an extra level of light but avoid using any fluorescent bulbs. You want a light that is kind to your eyes, and don’t forget to adjust the brightness on your monitor.

The right home office setup can very easily become your favorite workplace. With none of the stress of the daily commute combined with the fact that you can decorate and upgrade; however, you like, means that the home office could be the future of employment. Get yours right, and you might never want to go to the head office ever again.

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