Popular American Dog Breeds That Might Interest You

Having a dog for a pet brings forth numerous benefits not only for your health but for your social life too. In terms of the former, they can offer a certain form of stress relief in terms of the latter, they can pave the way for you to meet other dog owners. If you are keen on getting a dog companion, below are some of the most popular American dog breeds that might interest you.


Beagles are naturally curious and clever, belonging to the hound group of dogs. They are also playful but they can also be quite destructive when left alone. For this reason, it is best if beagles are always left with a companion, which can either be their pet parent, or other dogs. One thing to note in taking care of a beagle is to ensure that their ears are checked regularly because of its large and drooping size.

American Bully

One of the most interesting dog breeds is the American Bully, which is a crossbreed of the pit bull terrier and Staffordshire terriers. Because of their muscular build-up, it is best for them to have a special diet that is composed of fresh meat and carbohydrates. Thus, the best dog food for American Bully is one that is composed of all-natural ingredients that can keep up with their nutritional needs. It should also compose of fat sources that can provide them with a balanced meal.

Labrador Retriever

What is most interesting about this breed is that it has been the most popular type of dog for quite a number of years already. Perhaps this can be attributed to their friendly and loving nature, which makes them the most suitable family dog, even for those who have small children. This breed falls under the sporting group of dogs, which entails the need for you to provide them with moderate exercise to keep them fit and healthy in mind and body.

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Great Danes

Great Danes are one of the most gigantic dogs, towering as tall as 32 inches at the shoulder. When they stand on their hind legs, they can even be taller than most people. If you live gentle giants, you may just be interested in Great Danes. Most people would initially be frightened of their size, but in reality, they are rather calm, with a sweet nature, making them the perfect home guardian even if you have kids around. The only drawback of having a Great Dane is that you need to deal with lots of pet hair. While their coat doesn’t shed too much, you still need to manage the sheddings because of its huge size.

To wrap things up, there are quite a number of American dog breeds and those that are mentioned above are only some of them. These dog breeds may pique your interest, perhaps because of their unique characteristics, their history, or their popularity. Regardless of the dog breed that you eventually choose, for sure you will never regret the decision of being a pet parent.

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